Trains, Bloggers and Gurus

A couple of posts ago I blogged about the Los Mochis to Veracruz train, and left a piece of audio that documented a television programme by Rick Stein. I’ve since watched the show, and I thought it was not only a fascinating look back at Mexico’s passenger railway service, but at Mexico as a whole. Rick Stein has been coming to the country for over 40 years and clearly has a pretty good understanding and love for the place. He comes out with quite a few lines back then (the video is old – 1999) which are as true today as ever.

Normally I’d point a link or two where a video can be seen on YouTube, purchased on Amazon or downloaded on a torrent site. But this is a video so good, and so hard to find, I uploaded it so that I can share it. It’s really worth watching, even if the quality is a little bit ropey. Ropey, but perfectly watchable. There is a preview of 5 minutes below, which should give you a good idea if you want to see the whole thing. If you do, just click on the video and it should take you to the page on Veoh where it is hosted. To see the whole thing you have two choices. Install the Veoh web browser, or download it to watch on your PC. The download link is a fair bit below the video.

There’s also a couple of people featured in the video that have been mentioned by Mexico bloggers by the way. Diana Kennedy, an English lady who moved to Mexico many moons ago and became a guru on Mexican cooking gets a spot. She’s been mentioned by Ruth Alegria a few times, and one of her books features highly on a Guardian ‘best of all time’ cook book list. Also mentioned is an Irish artist, Phil Kelly, who came to Mexico in the 80’s and has gotten a mention on David Lida’s hallowed virtual pages, most recently after his death. Enjoy the video!

Edit: I misunderstood the instructions on Veoh. To watch the full show. you must download the Veoh browser. I just tried it. Painless enough.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

3 thoughts on “Trains, Bloggers and Gurus

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  2. Kim G says:

    Two comments. One, is there any way to have the video not start automatically when you load your blog? At first I thought you had added sound, and I personally detest websites with sound. But as it turns out, it’s just the video starting automatically whenever I visit your site.

    Second, I think you mean Diana Kennedy, the author of “The Essential Cuisines of Mexico.” David Lida has written about her, and she’s amazing.


    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where we haven’t managed to cook any recipe out of Kennedy’s book yet, but someday…


    • Sadly, no. When I embed YouTube and Vimeo videos, there is an easy way to insert code to stop them autoplaying. For most other video sources, I can’t embed them directly, but have to snatch the video using VodPod and then embed them using VodPod code.

      Usually I can find a line of code to stop auto playing, if necessary, but on this occasion…no such luck. I did have a good look – I also hate autoplaying videos! Still, I have a few posts to come in the next day or so, and this post will soon be relegated to the archives….

      Did you watch the whole thing? Really good show I thought.

      And yes, I meant Kennedy. And have made the correction! Gracias. I have no idea where I came up with the name Gordon from….


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