The Social Network

When the film was announced, the population of the world seemed to collectively groan. How do you make a movie out of a geek who made a website? Tough one. When it hit the cinemas, the reviews were surprisingly good, if not universally positive. I watched it last night.

I think it’s fair to say that if you’re a Facebook user with an interest in tech, you’ll appreciate it more. I quite enjoyed it. How accurate the actors portray the people they are playing is hard to say unless you know them. But the basic storyline is quite compelling. Getting 500 million ‘friends’ is an impressive feat, no doubts about it. And who isn’t on Facebook these days? I can think of only a couple people I know.

It is a story of the modern age. Of today. And of tomorrow. Things come and go, be they tech, fads or fashion. It’s always difficult to predict what the next big thing will be, and what will replace what. MySpace looked a good bet for a long time. It’s dead in the water now. It might still have a sizeable user base, but still – it’s dead. Hi5 had a good following too. Especially in Latin America. Little more than a year ago, everyone I knew in Mexico was on Hi5, and almost none on Facebook. Today, it’s totally the opposite.

I think a safer prediction would be to say that the next big thing will be built on Facebook, not built to replace Facebook. But there are more victims out there for Facebook to kill off. Or at least brutally maim into second place. There’s one real big fish swimming in the interpool. The Great White of the web. Google. The most dominant force on the internet for the last decade. Team Facebook and Microsoft (MicroFace?) are coming after them. I’d be at least a little worried if I were Google.


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