Murals of Tlalpan

Despite living so close to Centro Tlalpan (map no. 42), a small town in the depths of the south of Mexico City, I’ve been there only once. In the evening, to watch a jazz band, years ago. I don’t remember it, so I’ll take her word for it.

I got around to visiting today. It’s much like any old town with a bit of colonial history on the edges of the Distrito Federal. Lots of colour, restaurants, grand old buildings, crafts and the like. But Centro Tlalpan has one stand out feature.

A magnificent mural stretching the full length of the main government (I assume) building, detailing the history of the area and city from the days of hunter gatherers to the modern metropolis. Click here to see the photos on Flickr if the slideshow isn’t enough.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

6 thoughts on “Murals of Tlalpan

  1. Thanks for those photos…yet another reason to visit Tlalpan…it’s on my long list for Barragan’s capuchin chapel. I’ll get there yet!


      1. Eew!…that’s a nasty reference Gary, I’m afraid to ask how do you know about the other Tlalpan and his “art”. 😀

        Very nice photos by the way.


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