Left Moderate Social Libertarian

Also popularly known by those right of centre as commie bastard. Pfft. Labels, labels, labels. Can’t live with them, can’t generalise without them. Anyway, I can now be officially proclaimed as a LMSL (laughing myself silly something or other also applies) when it comes to my political leanings, because a Political Compass quiz said so.

Quizzes shouldn’t be taken too seriously. But they do produce some interesting results, and I wouldn’t argue too much with my result. If I’d been asked to predict my result before taking the quiz, I’d have placed myself one or two boxes to the right and down. But the result is in the ball park.

I ran a couple of comparisons to see how people in my age/gender group in different countries are scoring. I’m clearly left of them all, but not quite as authoritarian as your average 31-39 Mexican male. Here I am in what is supposed to be an authoritarian and socialist state, and I’m more commie than they are. I did score very close to Gandhi though, even though he’s not on the diagram below. So if you disagree with me, you’re disagreeing with the great man himself, and therefore you must be an idiot. 🙂

You should be able to guess the origin of the two boxes top right – Democrats and Republicans in the US. I’ve always thought that common sense would dictate that those on the left would orienatate towards authoritariansim, and those on the right to livertarianism, but common sense is often a waste of time. Feel free to let me know where you come on the grid. It’s always good to know whether I’m discussing issues with a fascist, right wing, neo con scumbag or a socialist nanny state promoting red swine.

For the record, the questions I ‘felt most strongly about’ were: Tighter regulation would have prevented the collapse of the lending industry: It makes sense and is fair that some people make much more money than others: Toppling enemy regimes to spread democracy will make the world a safer place: Unrestrained capitalism cannot last, as wealth and power will concentrate to a small elite: Sometimes war is necessary, even if it means you strike first: Access to healthcare is a right.


27 thoughts on “Left Moderate Social Libertarian

  1. Dan in NC says:

    Thanks for posting the quiz site. Enjoyed taking the quiz, and kind of agree with the results – Dead centre on the vertical. one-half block towards Libertarian! WOW! Finally proved I’m a true middle of the roader! Sheesh!
    Dan in NC


    • It does ask some interesting questions. Some of them I remained a little neutral on, because they weren’t either quite specific enough, or encouraged too extreme an answer.

      I’m afraid though, that there are no famous names on your part of the grid!


  2. Kim G says:

    What’s fascinating is the Democrat and Republican scatter diagrams. Notice how much more dispersion of opinion there is amongst Republicans? The Democrats cluster relatively tightly. Yet the Republicans (which are a minority in the USA), are usually much more politically united than are the Democrats who are famous for having a much more chaotic party with much more political infighting than the republicans.



    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where the democrats control virtually everything, but a Republican governor gave us “socialized medicine.”


    • I did notice, and also found it fascinating….so much so I put the graphs in the image! One thought I had was that the Republican party look more like a community based organisation, and the democrats an ideology based group….perhaps that holds some water. It would go a little way to explaining the unity of the former and the argumentative nature of the latter.

      In the UK, the traditionally anti-Europe party, the Conservatives were the ones who took us into the EU in the first place, and oversaw most of the key EEC/EU treaties after that. Whilst the pro union party, Labour, is the party which tends to suffer most from strikes due to disagreements with the unions.

      Politics was never meant to be logical. Perhaps China has the right system after all…. 🙂


  3. Kim G says:

    So I took the quiz. I agree with you, the questions are kind of vague. Like the one on lower taxes. Who doesn’t want lower taxes, right? But what’s the give-up? Lose the ability to destroy harmless countries at will? Or lose city bus service?

    That said, I scored as a center-right social libertarian.
    Right: 1.05, Libertarian: 4.36.

    This apparently puts me in no-mans land, at least with regard to the famous folks noted above.


    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Which is, apparently, more left-wing than me, but just as libertarian.


  4. I also took that same quiz, and it appears that I, also, am a Left Moderate Social Libertarian, as well! In other words, that means I believe the government should help poor people, and that everybody should have access to good health care, whether they can afford it, or not. I support a mostly free-market system, but with a few government regulations, in order to make sure that the environment is not ruined, and that workers’ rights are protected. But I am still against communism, however. I also feel solidarity with the Occupy Wall Street movement, and I can understand why the people are protesting. However, I also strongly support freedom of speech, and I believe that the government has no right to interfere in our personal lives.

    My score was this:
    Left: 3.88
    Libertarian: 3.36


  5. I am also very strongly against abortion. I also believe that the definition of the word ‘marriage’ is between one man, and one woman. However, I also support LGBT rights, and I believe that we should call a union of two same-sex partners a “garriage”, a portmanteau of the words ‘gay’ and ‘marriage’.

    Obviously, I have some very unique political beliefs! 🙂


    • I dislike abortion. Especially when it’s used as a means of ‘after the fact’ contraception. But I am not against it. There are times when it’s the better option, and other times when it’s the right option. But most importantly of all, it’s always best to have it done in a surgery by a qualified doctor than in a back alley.

      If the marriage is a religious ceremony, it should be up to the religion as to whether they permit it or not*. But no one should be denied a legal civil union, whether it’s called a marriage or not. Nor should they be denied any of the rights of a heterosexual married couple.

      *I’m still surprised that in a country such as the US, where forming a new church seems to be as easy as starting up a burger joint, that there is no church for the LGBT community. There’s a buck or two to be made there….


  6. Brian says:

    Looks like I am a left social libertarian. I took the same quiz and scored a left/right -4.36 and author/liber -.46. Too bad the only candidates I have to vote for don’t come close to my views. Guess I should vote for Mickey Mouse this time around?


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  8. United Sovereign States of America says:

    Same quiz you guys took I am sure. I got left moderate social libertarian.
    Left: 4.9, Libertarian: 3.02
    Granted I’m 17, male, and American.


  9. Paul says:

    Yeah, I got Social Moderate Left Libertarian too. Apparently, we’re pretty much in line with Noam Chomsky and Howard Zinn. Politicially, we’re closest to Mensheviks and Luxemburgism (as developed by Rosa Luxemburg). I taken other political quzzes and came up with similar results, but I dunno.


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