War On The War On Drugs

The drug trade is nothing new in Mexico. It’s been going on for decades, with marijuana, cocaine, crystal meth and other illicit substances making their way across the northern border. But the so called war on drugs hits new heights, seemingly on a daily basis. The Blog del Narco is the source for your shoot out videos, news updates and photos of dismembered bodies. Think carefully about what you want to see before you click the link.

The violence has given increased credibility to calls for legalisation of drugs within Mexico, but that wouldn’t do an awful lot of good. It’s the law within the US that needs to change. Legalisation there would have a very significant effect. However, there would still be a fairly substantial number of heavily armed chaps roaming around Mexico looking for new ways to make money. Not a healthy situation. So legalisation wouldn’t be the solution to Mexico’s troubles. But it sure would be a start.

How would drugs be legalised in the US? It would be difficult, especially if done on a state by state basis rather than a federal level. Permitting the horticulture, sale and consumption of marijuana would be the most important, effective and easiest step. There are more dangerous drugs available in the US legally – alcohol being one of them. I hear some silly arguments made against the legalisation of cannabis.

Alarmists shriek at the prospect of waves of stoned drivers killing thousands on the roads. The biggest studies into the effects of getting stoned and driving have shown…..ready for this….drum roll…..stoned drivers are often safer than drug free drivers. Stoned people are also less likely to go around town after a night out smashing everything up and picking fights. In the UK, cannabis use amongst the 16 to 30 male segment should be compulsory. 🙂

I also think harder drugs should also be legalised. My thoughts of the war on drugs here run along the lines of ‘losing’ and ‘battle’. Legalising through the prescription service, and prohibiting certain jobs to users of hard drugs is the way to go. But it can’t be made too expensive, difficult or penalising, or the market for illegal drugs would remain. And the scenes in the video below, filmed in a Mexican town up north, will continue to occur.


6 thoughts on “War On The War On Drugs

  1. Sid Ated says:

    Actually I heard on the news last night that Ms Sarah Palin may be running for President of the US and that she believes she can win. If this comes to pass, I believe we will all need strong doses of (currently illegal) drugs and massive quantities of alcohol just to survive the 4 years.


    • Lol! I always thought it a little harsh to describe George Bush as stupid. He lacked any eloquence and was thoroughly inarticulate, but not necessarily stupid. Most people did misunderestimate him.

      But Palin? Holy cow, is that woman dumb. If there were a god, her place in society would be revealed unto her, and the pornographic industry would have a new star. And vocabulary such as ‘refudiate’ would work just fine for her.

      She could become president. I don’t think she will, but there’s still a couple of years to go. I’m continually surprised to hear otherwise intelligent people insist Obama is a one term president with such distance to go before the finishing line. They not seem to be generally ignorant of political history (Bush I was a shoe in for a second term at this stage, for example…) but also seem to have overlooked the wondrous opportunities Palin may give Obama’s marketing team. Should the Republican party turn out to be that silly….

      Personally, I think the US could do a lot worse than elect Machete as their next president. But that’s just me…


  2. Of course, Ms. Palin — as the former mayor, and most prominent citizen of a town best known for its meth labs — perhaps would insist on mandatory use of her community’s one and only useful product.


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