The Greatest Mexican

I’ve closed the poll, which asked who is the greatest Mexican of all time. And just as I thought, the winner was Benito Juarez. In fact the poll resulted in an identical result to the poll run by the History Channel. Juarez, Zapata, Paz, Sanchez. Albeit Sanchez finishing in equal 4th alongside Pedro Infante on my version.

Mr. Other did reasonably well too, picking up just over 17% of the ballots cast. If only Mr. Other weren’t such a split personality. Pancho Villa and Miguel Hidalgo are both worthy of consideration. Felipe Zapata’s entry was a little questionable….ballot rigging is suspected. Or maybe bribery. Speedy Gonzalez? Well, internationally, he is right up there with the others as far as fame goes. Chicharito…..dear lord.

The most interesting vote was for Porfirio Diaz. Or, to give him due respect, José de la Cruz Porfirio Díaz Mori. It was his rule, a long 30 odd year rule, which provoked the 1910 revolution. Yet the country did prosper under his presidency, and Mexico developed a very prominent architectural and cultural legacy. He is without doubt one of the most fascinating men in Mexican history. And, for those of us interested in Mexican British links, one of his many foreign awards was bestowed upon him by the UK, namely the Knight Grand Cross of the Most Honourable Order of the Bath.


2 thoughts on “The Greatest Mexican

    • The TV show whittled the possible candidates down to winners of five different categories – I don’t know at which point Cardenas ceased to be in running because I really only tuned in to the final episode.

      In my poll I did give the option of ‘other’ but no one picked him I’m afraid!


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