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TEFLing in Mexico City

Self publishing has become pretty popular, but the mainstream publishing tools have really only gone so far as to make it possible for the average person to produce a handful of rather expensive books that are sold on low traffic market places. I’m thinking of outfits like Blurb and Photobox.

But then I came across Lulu. They can make a book using cheap publisher grade paper. It’s going to be all text and black and white, but seeing as you can produce a paperbook at a cost of little more than five US dollars – score. But they do more. They’ll assign the book, free of charge, an ISBN number, so you can sell it on Amazon, or Barnes and Noble. Score two. But they’re not finished there. They’ll even distribute it on Amazon and elsewhere for you. Sure, they take a slice of any profit, but still. Score three.

We’ve all got a book in us, or so it is said. I appear to have at least ten books in me, working on the basis I could turn 200 blog posts in a 200 page publication – this is my 2,000th post. I’m not sure I’d have the patience to create ten books. But one? Yes, I could do that.

So I donloaded their MS Word template, added a hundred or so posts, and turned it into a PDF. I created a front and back cover. And voila. One book. It took just a moment to upload it to Lulu – and then I discovered a major drawback. They’ll assign a free ISBN number to any book. Except for those printed on publisher grade paper. And therefore, they cannot distibute it on Amazon.

Come on Lulu, sort it out! The cheap publisher grade book/free ISBN/Amazon distribution combination is the killer deal that could make your business a hit. Their ePub ebook process was also far more difficult that it should have been. I gave up on that in the end and used Amazon directly.

I finished the process anyway and have the book up for sale on their own marketplace.  I also turned it into a ebook and uploaded it to Amazon. If you have a Kindle, you can buy it for $3.99. Which is a little expensive if you ask me. I did specify $1.99, and have checked my entry since. It does say $1.99. But on the Amazon store it’s listed at $3.99, or $2.49, depending where you look. Weird. Pft. Hopefully it’ll be fixed soon. It’s also available for Kindles in the UK on the British version of Amazon for £1.49.

So anyway, I am now a published author of sorts. A book for sale in paperback, electronic and very soon PDF formats. The title of the book is TEFLing in Mexico City and is simply a collection of relevant articles I have published on my blog over the years. Bits about language, TEFL courses, banking, getting about….a bit of everything. I imagine it might appeal to someone thinking of abandoning their home country to come to Mexico to teach English. A taste of what is in store.

I’ll post more on the book in a few days, once I have worked out a convenient way to sell the PDF version on my blog using PayPal. I think $1.99 is a good price. I have to say I’ve done this for fun and for my CV far more than for profit. But if you want to have a look at it, send me an email or leave a comment and I’ll send you the PDF ebook. Gratis. Free. Por nada. This offer will expire when I’ve got it up on my blog with a dollar sign attached to it. Some feedback will be nice. Even better, leave a review or rating (or both) on Amazon…


15 thoughts on “TEFLing in Mexico City

  1. kwallek says:

    A very interesting post. I see so many bloggers who are having a rough go of it with money yet have a story to tell, you may be on to something.


    • If I ever make any money from this, I’ll eat my hat! Maybe I can shift a few ebooks here and there. If Lulu ever let me put an ISBN number on the paperback and list it on Amazon, maybe I’ll shift a few there too. If my profit ever reaches a $100 though, I’ll be amazed….

      It was a bit of fun to do though. That’s the important thing.


  2. kwallek says:

    I showed your post to my Spanish teacher spouse, she was interested in your book. I have a hard time with English as my first language, let alone my second, so it’s lost on me. Anyway, if you can send the PDF, Linda will be grateful.


  3. I also just recently found out about Lulu. At first I thought it sounded great, but I wasn’t aware of the drawback. Hopefully they’ll manage to sort it all out. Congratulations on finishing your book and I’d love to check it out! Happy to post a review as well.


    • If they can get that cheap paper grade/ISBN/Amazon listing combo going, Lulu will be an absolutely awesome company. Hopefully they’ll get it done sooner rather than later.

      I’ve sent the book and all reviews are always welcome! I can take constructive criticism…..maybe. Heh!

      The PDF version I’ve sent has the least mistakes. I used the Word document that produced the Kindle and paperbacks, and spotted a couple of huge blunders which I corrected for the PDF. For example, one chapter was incorrectly titled Water instead of weather. I am an amateur and proud of it! 🙂

      Still, that’s why you have a First Edition. So you can correct errors that slipped through because you didn’t bother proof reading it, and produce a Second Edition. And it almost sounds cool to be able to say your book is a Second Edition. Makes it sound successful!


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