El Sonidito

Mexico and music go together. Hand in hand. Yet the country manages to produce some real musical tripe from time to time. Stuff that makes the Rednex look good. And the genre of Mexican Tripe has a new standard bearer. The bar has been raised….surely to a height that will never be beaten. Hopefully. Watch the video below and all will be explained.

I thought Julion Alvarez’s masterpiece of musical mush was as bad as it would get, although in hindsight, that track really was fine, fine, fine, very good, very good, very good. So bad, it was brilliant, in fact.

But what really made me laugh today, were all the videos I found on YouTube where half decent bands from elsewhere on planet Earth had Mexican Tripe overlaid, and sometimes quite cleverly. Ramstein for one. Guns N Roses. But by far the best –  Susan Boyle. But back to El Sonditio. Do enjoy the video. It does have one redeeming feature. The scantily clad chica who makes random appearances throughout.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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