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The Finest Pastes in Mexico City

I went exploring today, in search of new colonial hidden gems, tucked away in side streets and plazas filled with overgrown palm trees and neglected flower beds where the flowers and weeds have grown of their own wanton accord. What I found first was a new coffee shop, with a modern twist on an older art deco vibe. Whatever that means. I was peckish and thirsty though, so I stepped inside.

The owner speaks English, and assured me his pastes were the finest in Mexico City. I ordered one, complete with mole poblano filling. So much tastier than the Cornish Pasty that these pastes are descended from. It was good. I ordered another. Just as good. Perfect pastry, and sweet mole. These just might be the finest pastes in Mexico. Or at least Mexico City. The coffee I washed it down with was also good.

Yes indeed, these Santa Isabela pastes truly met my exacting standards. And although I am English and not much of a foodie, and therefore my culinary advice should normally be taken with a pinch of salt, on this occasion my recommendation is worthy of your attention. Santa Isabela is on the corner of Isabel la Catolica and San Jeronimo (map no. 44), and should be your next stop in the eternal search for the best pastes in the world!

Oh, and I think his business is quite new, and anyone who produces such tasty delights deserves to succeed, but can only do so with your custom. It’ll be worth your time and pesos.


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