Mexico City

Biblioteca Nacional

I found the Biblioteca Nacional (map no 45) having requested and received info about it’s location on a recent post. Thank you! The post featured a photo of the church taken in the 19th century. It really is a fantastic building, and a real shame that it’s closed off. But the earthquake in 1985 hit it hard. Apparently.

From the outside it looks ok. Far better in fact than many churched I’ve seen, some of which have the most monumental cracks in the masonry and lean at almost impossible angles. I hope there is a project afoot to return it to its former glory. It’s simply too grand to be allowed to rot.

Unfortunately, I arrived at the wrong time of day, and the one angle available to shoot the church had the sun shining right down my lens. None of the shots came out. I did take a few photos of other parts of the building where I could get out of the solar glare – click here.

Competing For Favour


6 thoughts on “Biblioteca Nacional

    • Gracias John. I find that taking a thousand shots of everything works perfect. At least one will be ok! I’ll have to try and visit this old building again, when the sun is in a different part of the sky and working with me, not against me.


  1. Bob says:

    Wow! You managed to go to the Biblioteca only a couple of days after finding out the exact location. You are really a resolute man, I definitely admire that. The pictures are great, even if only four made the final cut. I have only a minor obsevation: you probably know it, but this is the old (or antigua) Biblioteca Nacional, the new one (and the one that is now called so) is a modern building within UNAM’s ciudad universitaria.




    • I finish my only class on a Friday at 9am, and my way home takes me through the Centro Historico….it would be criminal not to step off the metro and explore a little!

      I had worked out that there is a new National Library in UNAM. That was part of the difficulty in researching the old building – all the references on Google focussed on the new one.


  2. For many years, we stayed next door to the Biblioteca Nacional in the Hotel Montecarlo. It was only after we retired to Mexico that we sought plusher accommodations. But during the ’90s, the Montecarlo was our base for our Mexico City explorations and adventures.

    For a long time, the Biblioteca Nacional yard housed a large and smelly population of feral (?) cats. I think that they were, umm, “evicted” when the Centro Histórico was renovated.

    Don Cuevas


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