Real Del Monte

I took my time about it, but after five and a half years, and just a couple of months shy of leaving Mexico for good, I finally got to go and see the English town of Real del Monte. A picturesque little town in Hidalgo state, buried in a landscape of screen mountains, with treasure in turn buried beneath the town. That’s what brought the Cornish miners from England here, and that’s the origin of pastes and football in Mexico. And it’s just a couple of hours north of Mexico City. Less, if the traffic is kind.

I shouldn’t have waited so long. It has the charm of Taxco without the tackiness. The quaint architecture without the graffiti. The steep roads, without the litter at the bottom. It is smaller, it has to be said. But still riddled with enough museums, monuments and marvels to keep you busy for a day or three. There’s a turibus service too, at a bargain 30 pesos. The roads are impossibly steep though. Double your money for double the fun – by the driver a couple of beers before you set off, and combine the interest of the tour with the excitement of a rollercoaster. Click here to tour my photos.


4 thoughts on “Real Del Monte

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  2. I enjoyed the Pachuca photoset. We have never been there, although we did go to Ixmiquilpan and the Grutas of Tolantongo 3 years ago.

    I see in one of the Pachuca photos that you are walking about in a T-shirt. Was the weather warm enough in early December?

    Don Cuevas


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