Distrito Federal 2011

So. I published the book. But I couldn’t help but notice that Lulu does calendars as well. Did I have twelve calendar worthy photos from the last year, I pondered. Meh. Course I do. Whether you would consider them calendar worthy is another matter.

I’m really getting to like Lulu, although I do wish they’d sort out their Ebook Publishing. That was too much hard work by far, when it should perhaps be the easiest thing they do. I did the Kindle ebook directly through Amazon in the end. And I’ve just sold a virtual copy, so my Amazon reports tell me. Was it a random Amazonian passer by, or will anyone here confess? I didn’t expect one so soon. If at all.

Making a calendar was pretty easy though. Select a dozen photos, plus one extra for the cover. Upload. Choose format, layout and theme. Decide on a price – a few cents over cost. And voila, one calendar. You could, if you really wanted to, buy one from Lulu. Just click here. You can at least see a preview of it by clicking that link by the by. A better preview than the image below.

I did, I must confess, select the smaller of the two sizes, and standard paper. Keep costs down. I might buy one myself, you see. But not having done so quite yet, I can make no promises as to how it comes out in print. I don’t see why it shouldn’t be perfectly acceptable though. It also has US, UK and Mexican holidays and events listed. Just in case that is important to you.


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