I have, at the time of writing, a grand total of 7,724 photos on Flickr. I reckon I’ll pass the grand total of 10,000 photos sometime during the Olympics of 2012. It’s taken me just over ten years to accumulate the images I’ve got in my collection so far, although it has to be said the years 2000 to mid 2005 account for probably less than the 724 odd photos. I’ve been far more productive since arriving in Mexico.

But 7,724 photos it is, and here they all are in a video courtesy of Pummelvision, squashed into a roughly five minute show that is guaranteed to make your eyes ache if you manage to get all the way through it. It’s easy to make. Simply tell Pummelvision your Flickr email, authorise them to post to your YouTube or Vimeo account, press a button and sit back and wait.

Nice concept. It’s be nicer if they had an option that filled the screen with the image to get rid of the black borders. Even nicer if they allowed you to choose a soundtrack. Although the one that is put on as standard isn’t too bad. It would also be cool if they let you select Sets or Collections on Flickr as well as the whole photostream.


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