Christmas Wishes

The year is drawing to a close, as is my near six year long career as an English teacher. Although there might be further opportunities to continue this line of work back in the UK! It’s not an avenue I’m actively exploring though. But anyway, I have two final classes this year – one of which may yet take place in a pizza parlour.

My last visit of the year to one of my longest standing classes, more than five years in total, took place this morning. As tradition dictates, we went for a Christmas breakfast, and took the traditional Christmas breakfast photo. And a good time was had by all. As always, as demostrated by the two smaller photos below the main one, from years gone by.

I may or may not get to post again before Christmas Day. If not, I wish you all, whoever you may be, wherever you may be, and whenever you happen past this post, even if in mid July, a very Merry Christmas.


13 thoughts on “Christmas Wishes

  1. Gary, since finding your blog, I’ve been so busy and have wanted to comment. I was going to start regularly once finishing my job in the States and moving to Mexico. So disappointed that you won’t be there! At least your experience will live on in your writing. Wishing you the best in whatever’s next. And thank you for your posts: over the holidays, before moving to Mexico, I will use them as a resource for my stay there–and, as I’ve done before, read them as a touching look at a beautiful country we love. Buen viaje.


    • Hey Courtney, I’m glad you’re going to be making the trip in even if I am making an exit. It’s a great country, as you know. Where are you going to be locating?

      And thanks for the comment. Better late than never, and this is as good a post as any to comment on.



      • See how late I am–again! I am going to be able to go through all of your posts soon–and look forward to doing so, Gary.

        I am going through N. Mexico, then Monterrey (to rock climb), then to Mexico City. I want to go all through El Pais, though. I wanted to ask you for any helpful tips you have for acquiring work in Mexico. I know that you teach English–and I know I shouldn’t expect to land something in a month–but ANY advice you have is welcome: like where to look, especially for a job like yours.

        Gary, if you ever want to come to Texas, Dad owns nice condos on South Padre Island that are often vacant. You are welcome to visit. Austin is great too (where I am now). Lots of Brits enjoy visiting.
        Take care!


        • You’ll like Mexico City if you like climbing! Probably not as severe a climb as you’ll get at Monterrey, but for sheer altitude, Ajusco, Nevado de Toluca and Izta are up there. Orizaba too if you’re extra adventurous.

          It’s not tough to get get work teaching business English. When do you hit DF?

          I like Texas by the way. In so many ways it represents (from a foreign perspective looking in) all the worst of the US. Capital punishment, oil barons, prejudice, racism, and crappy TV programs!

          And yet when I have been there I found the people very friendly, direct in a good one, unassuming and tolerant. Tolernat of Brits anyway….

          I’d happily visit again, and your dad seems like the guy to know!! Actually I’d really like to visit Dallas. Get a few shots of Dealey Plaza and the SBD. If you’ll pardon the pun…!

          I’ll send you a PDF copy of my book….that has some info in it regards TEFL teaching.


  2. Daniel says:

    My best wishes for you and your family for this season and forever.
    I will see you next year at least to say good bye, and wish you the best in your new life.
    As I told you today, next year I will sent you the traditional Christmas breakfast Photo with the group or at least an empty Bisquets Obregon´s table.
    Will miss you.


  3. Nez says:

    Merry Christmas Gary (and Paola)! It’s been wonderful reading your blog and I’m sure going to miss your steady posts, that always pop up on my subscriptions. I hope we’ll still get to hear from you once you depart…you know many of us would still be interested on your adventures back to Blighty! I’m still rooting on hearing from Paola by the way 😉 in English, Spanish or Russian…I’d read it! Wishing you both a very Merry Christmas in Mexico….


    • Denness and Cheerios! I like it. And in February it will be so very literal, when using British English!

      I will keep up with your blog after I’m gone. I know I don’t often make comments, but it’s always a good read.


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