Digital Cleansing

I’ve been taking advantage of the holidays to clean up my digital world a little. Blogs wise, I’ve deleted my WordPress based 365 blog which was home to a couple of photography projects. But the time came to hand over $5 for the domain mapping on WordPress. Pft. The Blogger version still exists, so I’ve mapped the domain there, for free.

My Faces project also now has its own Blogger home. That project was a good idea, and I’ve captured a lot of familiar faces that I’ll soon be leaving behind. But my enthusiasm did tail off a bit over the second part of the year. I’ll have to think of a photo project for next year.

I’ve also revitalised my TEFL blog a bit. As part of my legacy regards living and teaching in Mexico, as something I perhaps might want to promote when looking for jobs in the UK, that seemed a good idea. I also have other potential ideas for using that blog in the future.

I’ve been using Vimeo this year instead of YouTube, having forked over something like $60 for Pro membership. I like it, and I’ll keep my subscription going. The quality of videos on Vimeo tends to be far higher,  in both the creative and production sense. I’ve also got a channel where I have curated the best videos I’ve found – Channel Mexico. I add videos only now and again, but the collection is half decent.

Next up is a reformat of my laptop. Windows 7 has proven to be a great OS, and I recommend making the switch if you still have XP or, heaven forbid, Virus. I mean, Vista. My CD rom has ceased to work so I’ve configured a USB thumb drive to boot a copy of Win 7 that I’ve loaded on to it.

This seems like the ideal place to store some important info to help get my laptop back up to full functionality asap. The programs I use for example. Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop. Microsoft ICE. Filezilla and Free Zune Video Convertor – works with iPods as well. Power ISO, CCleaner, Audacity, uTorrent, VLC Media Player, Microsoft Security Essentials (best free AV going in my opinion), iTunes, Limewire Pirate Edition (still works a treat after the original died!), Skype, SnagIt, Unlocker and Extract Now.

And Google Chrome, which I have been using as my browser of choice for some time. I tried the beta – nice. But I really took a shine to it once decent extensions became available about a year and a half ago. Or a little more. I use a combination of extensions and Userscripts which provide an unbeatable (at present) browsing experience.

Opera is a nice bit of kit and I use it now and again as a secondary browser – it was my primary browser for most of 1999 through 2008. Firefox is an innovative, clever piece of crap. The extension compatibility issues, backwards compatibility, memory leaks and general bugginess mean I’d rather use Internet Explorer. And that’s saying something, because IE is…well…IE.

Here’s a list of my twelve favourite add ons for Chrome. URL shortener, Chrome Gestures, Chrome Reader, Google Share Button, IE Tab Classic,  Invisible Hand (brilliant for finding lower prices when you’re doing a bit of online shopping), Lightshot (an excellent screenshot tool), Measure It, Speed Dial, TinEye, Facebook Fixer and Windows Live Ad Remover.


3 thoughts on “Digital Cleansing

  1. Kim G says:

    Call me paranoid — though Andy Grove was famous for saying “Only the paranoid survive,” but I can’t imagine running Chrome. I mean, doesn’t that basically give Google the right to completely map out your entire computing life? If a cookie is bad, isn’t Chrome the entire pot?


    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where we try like heck not to be tracked online.


    • Now what is it you’re looking at online that you don’t want to be tracked señor?! 🙂

      I think there is a pretty discernible difference in attitudes between the English speaking cultures on either side of the Atlantic. On your side, any prying seems generally to be greeted with alarm and furious quoting of the constitution. On my side, we flip a finger and carry on. We have no written constitution to point to, of course.

      This is a generalisation I know, and there are people who are very anti-Big Brother in the UK, but most people just couldn’t care. For as long as we have weather in the Britain, we already have our hands full as far as whining is concerned!

      But all that is not to say I don’t see why there should be concern….


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