Me and Jack

I know I have technically already wished everyone a Merry Christmas, but you can never have too much merry. I have a few moments spare, and a photograph to share….more practising at getting some bokeh going. That’s the only reason I put up the Christmas tree to be honest.

It’s Christmas Eve as I write this, although I’ll set it to publish tomorrow. I’ve already done a post for today. Everything is reasonably quiet. The traffic has slowed down, the flat upstairs is empty – the noisy workmen who inhabit it obviously do have real homes to go to after all.

And it’s just me here with the turtles. They’re no trouble at all really, bless their cotton socks. The occasional splash fest in the day time when some random noise upsets them, and a little begging for food in the evening. That’s all they do. Paola is in Milwaukee with her mum. It’s her last Christmas on this side of the Atlantic, and we will get all the ones to come together, so only seems fair this one is for her mum. I have work commitments anyway.

I don’t mind. Not a bit. A couple of weeks to do all the things I like doing that is normally forbidden. This evening, for example, I went to Happys, the finest pizza in all of Mexico City, and ordered myself a Four Cheese pizza. My favourite. But it brings Paola out in spots, so I would normally have to tolerate a Margerita. Which is tolerable. But not a taste fest delight.

Not everyone was happy. I stepped out of the pizzeria and strolled just a few yards to find a teary crowd outside a shop. What….they ran out of tequila? I peeked inside. Coffins. One of which was being prepared for use. More teary eyes arrived in cars as I strolled. That’s a damned day for that to happen.

But much as you sympathize, and as unwished for as misfortune is, life happens. Death too. And it’s always better if it happens to someone else, thank you very much. That’s a little selfish I know, but you probably know what I mean. The pizza tasted all the better with a little perspective. I can’t grumble at being separated by a trifling border from my family really. National borders are much easier to cross to and fro than ethereal borders.

But anyhow. I’m home, it’s quiet and that’s how I like it. I’m going to sit back in my sofa and watch a movie with my good old friend Jack. I don’t see him often. Just at Christmas, really. And I only enjoy his company in very small doses. Tonight’s movie? Shutter Island perhaps. Or maybe Grindhouse.

Or I might just watch Dom Joly’s Excellent Adventure again. Mr Joly is the funniest guy in Britain, I tell you. Or at least Eddie Izzards equal. If you like that sort of humour anyway. I’ve also discovered, whilst trawling YouTube, that Dom Joly did a series where he visited Mexico. I’ve found the torrent file. That will be my Christmas Day television. So till then, I leave you with my photo. Merry Christmas from me and Jack.


3 thoughts on “Me and Jack

  1. You’ve done some great photos lately, amigo. Sorry that I haven’t been dropping by more to catch them.

    And congrats on your book. I just put out one too and so far the only one I’ve sold I bought myself. :p Oh well, so it goes.

    I hope you and Jack had a great Christmas. And oh, senora Denness as well. :up:


    • Thanks Ed. I’m sorry not to have been dropping by you more often too. The darned separation of blogging platforms, huh! Still, there are New Years Resolutions to be made….!

      I actually launched into this project after reading your post about using Calibre! Which didn’t work for me, sadly, but it did start me down the road! So thanks!

      Me, Jack and Paola all had great Christmases, thank you! I hope you did too. And here’s to a Happy and Prosperous New Year!



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