Nevado de Toluca

Seeing as the Boxing Day holiday doesn’t exist in Mexico, I had to find something else to do. Climbing a mountain seemed as good an idea as any. I’ve climbed the Nevado de Toluca before, but the conditions were much kinder this time. We could actually see more than six feet in front of us. Which was nice. Not least because the landscapes are stunning.

The mountain is an extinct or dormant volcano, whose last major eruption, many, many thousands of years ago, filled much of what is now Mexico City with several feet of debris. Click here to see the full photo set in Flickr.

All Laid Out Below


2 thoughts on “Nevado de Toluca

    • That’ll teach you for smoking! I seem to be immune…. 🙂

      We didn’t get to the very peak this time. I was unsure if we did last time. Apparently we did though. It looks a risky climb, but back in 2008 it was so misty you couldn’t see a thing. Risks included!


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