Mexico City

Mayor On Thin Ice

The controversial rink was back in the Zocalo again this year. Many people decry it as a monumental waste of money by a mayor looking to win hearts and, more to the point, buy votes in the 2012 presidential election. On the other hand, there are huge queues to have a go, and lots of happy faces skating on ice. We don’t get much ice in Mexico DF. This is the one opportunity for many of them. Having said that, the weather in parts of Mexico is expected to dip to as low as minus 5 Celsius in the next day or two. Not in Mexico City, I hope…


4 thoughts on “Mayor On Thin Ice

  1. Dan in NC says:

    The image here, and on the previous video make the rink look HUGE! 2 questions: 1) What are the access fees, and 2) Skate rentals on site? (As I cannot see to many locals with their own blades!) Still looks like a great time being had by all!
    Dan in NC


    • It is huge, although it is warped. No curves in real life. I made this photo by stitching together about 15 images in Microsoft ICE, but I was stood close to the rink, hence the unavoidable warping.

      I assume it is still free to have a go on the ice. Boots are supplied free too. At least they were when I last went on the rink myself a couple of Christmas’ ago. Haven’t been since. I can’t stand queues…


  2. Kim G says:

    I am impressed that you have a mobile version of your blog. I am reading this on my iPhone and it looks great.

    Nice photo too.


    Kim G
    San Francisco Airport
    Where we are waiting to go to México


    • WordPress does make a pretty click mobile version! That’s been a big advantage over Blogger until recently – Blogger finally introduced the option to add on a mobile version recently.

      I guess you are now in Mexico….bienvenidos!


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