Mexico Cixty Seconds

The title of the post would make more sense, perhaps, if the ‘x’ were in red, as in the video. I created the film with a few snippets I took around the Centro Historico yesterday. The purpose? To see how good the image stabilisation was in video mode – it’s all shot handheld. It’s not bad, I suppose. But it’s also proof, if ever you needed it, that there is no substitute for a tripod.

I also wanted to try out Cyberlink’s latest incarnation of their video editing program, PowerDirector 9. I’ve been using PowerDirector for years, and it’s generally served me well. It’s intuitive to use, reasonably powerful,  flexible in production formats and produces reasonable results.

The latest edition is not, at first glance, a revolution. Very much evolution. Slightly more pleasing to the eye. Slightly faster in use. They boast ‘blazing’ new speeds, not slightly faster speed. That, in all fairness, is probably down to my ailing, aged computer. Otherwise it’s all the same. That’s no bad thing though. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

But there are two more things worth mentioning. Something new I like, and something I’d like that isn’t there. The new thing is Wave Editor, an audio editor that I have so far only played around with. It looks nice though and has all the features I need. Goodbye clunky, clumsy old Audacity. Although Audacity is free, so users can’t really grumble.

What I’d like to see though is a built in feature for PowerDirector that links straight to music content from Jamendo. I’ve been using Creative Commons licensed audio from Jamendo for a while now. There’s some good stuff there, it’s legal, and it means YouTube and Vimeo accept my videos with no problems.

It would make sense for video editing programs to do a deal with Jamendo to allow users to search for music right inside the application. Not least, because then it would also surely be possible to embed an additional feature which allows a customisable credit to be added to the video.


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