Lights Of The Fair

There’s a fair on in Parque Alameda. An excellent photographic opportunity. I’d always wanted to create some fancy looking long exposure photos at a fair. All done without a tripod by the way, utilizing posts stuck into the ground instead. Click here to see the other snaps I took on Flickr.

Colours And Cartwheels


2 thoughts on “Lights Of The Fair

  1. Kim G says:

    Cool shot! What is that?

    After hauling my camera all the way to Mexico, yesterday I could not bring myself to haul it along to dinner with friends. Pity, that. Later we went to Plaza Garibaldi, and were invited by a group of guys to share their tequila. Being hospitable types, we also contributed a bottle, and all of us proceeded to get drunk together, listen to mariachis, and sing along. There were many opportunities for great photos, all of which went un-snapped.

    So I am increasingly leaning toward doing a repeat order of your camera. What’s not to like? Great photos, light portable format.

    Saludos and Happy New Year!

    Kim G
    DF, Mexico
    Where our New Year’s Eve Plans remain a bit fluid at this late date.


    • You won’t find me arguing against the EPL-1. Back in 2007 I bought a tiny little pocket Fuji as a ‘carry everywhere’ camera. Photo quality wasn’t up to my Nikon’s quality, but ease of carrying meant I generally took the Fuji everywhere and the Nikon nowhere. No good having a nice camera if you don’t use it.

      I bought the Panasonic TZ5 in 2008 with that in mind. Good zoom, nice photos, fits in a pocket.

      And the Olympus for the same reason, although I won’t be able to get it in my pocket until I get a pancake lens! But it does fit nicely in a little bag with a should strap, so it’s still easy to carry around, light….and really fantastic shots!

      The photo is from the funfair currently sitting in Alameda next to Belles Artes. Tis the Big Wheel!


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