Respecta Mi Pinta

I have a new header banner today. First of January and all that. I used to change the header image once every six months or so. The a few months ago I thought I’d change it randomly every few days. I was bored. I’ve settled on a new banner image each month now. Something that reflects the month if possible. Although January is tough….not much of a wintry scene for me to photograph here, and all my banners are made from my photos. So a very Mexican banner it is this month. Graffiti.

Not any old graffiti though. It’s to be found on a bus, on Orizaba, just off Alvaro Obregon. This bus has been sitting there for years. And every now and again someone comes along and gives it a new paint job. It’s a pretty famous bus too. I’ve seen it on the telly a couple of times, once in a Renault advert. It’s current design is very poor compared to previous efforts. But I like the slogan.


11 thoughts on “Respecta Mi Pinta

  1. I like the idea of frequent header changes. Now that I have reverted to a generic background, I could accesorize now and then with a new header. What do you use to crop the photographs for your header? I am certain it is a simple process.


    • It is pretty easy. I use Photoshop. But there are easy, cheaper ways of cropping an image. In fact, you shouldn’t need to pay for something to do basic things like cropping. I can tell you you’ll want to create an image that’s 787×192 pixels in dimension.

      You could try Gimp for doing it free –

      If you wanted something to do this and manage and edit all your photos, then Lightroom is the best you can get. Not cheap at $200 though.

      ACDSee does pretty much the same thing as Lightroom, and is an excellent alternative. And less than 70 bucks.


  2. I think I know that bus. For a good while it was covered in a hand knit bus sweater. It’s at the intersection of Calles Orizaba and Guanajuato, if I recall correctly. The north end of the pleasant Plaza Luis Cabrera, Colonia Roma Norte.
    (Can you tell, I’m longing to revisit? We were there last in June of 2010.)

    Don Cuevas


      • Gary wrote:
        “If I were staying in DF and could pick a place to live, this area would be it.”

        Same here, if I could afford it. It’s just about the polar opposite of the small, rural ranching community in which we live. Maybe I should develop a blog post on this theme. Could be that if we did live there (Colonia Roma), we’d make occasional getaways to a small, rural ranching community.

        Don Cuevas


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