Remains Of The Day

No one does skeletons like Mexico. No one is quite into skeletons like Mexicans. Although we Brits have had our moments with skeletal emblems and associated vocations, but Edward Teach and others were relative newcomers to the skull and bone scene and didn’t last long. In both terms of career and at the end of a rope. They should have waited – the UK abolished the death penalty for piracy in 1998.

I will miss the skeletons when I’m gone. And I shall try and make my returns to Mexico City coincide with Day of the Dead, at the end of October/beginning of November. It’s one of the nicest times of year in the Distrito Federal, and elsewhere in the country.  The skeleton in the photo below sits outside a house in Colonia Roma Norte. It’s a very ornate entrance, that spills out across have the sidewalk.

Smile Or Die


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