The Ciclothon Pilgrimage

After several years of waiting, I finally got to do the longest Sunday Ciclothon route of them all – from Chapultepec Park to the Basilica de Guadalupe. And seeing as I joined the route at the halfway point, I effectively did a ‘lap’. Tiring to say the least. The normal route is a good deal shorter, going round the Zocalo, but once a month they send us the full length of Reforma and Avenida Misterios up to the Basilica.

The Ciclothon is still going strong, despite a degree of hostility toward it from the city’s many car drivers. Radio talk shows regularly offer space for them to vent their frustration. They should join in, not berate it, if you ask me. And see the city at closer hand. I didn’t get many photos, not least because there’s not much on the route I haven’t photographed countless times before. But I did get a couple of snaps of this architectual gem, just a hundred metres or so from the entrance to the Basilica.

A sadly neglected gem, like so many others. Now housing a car park for pilgrims who can’t quite be bothered to walk to church on a Sunday morning. Thousands do walk, and many of them walk some distance. Often carrying pictures of the virgin, or other heavy looking religious icons. I’ve often thought of coming here on December 12th, the day of the virgin. Millions do. I’d get some good photos. But if the crowds of an average Sunday put me off…


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