Not Quite A Fanboy

There are things I will miss about Mexico, and things I’ll be glad to see the back of. And there are things I’m looking forward to in the UK and things I will meet with a little trepidation. But one of the anticipated boons will be the financial ability, one hopes, to sate my appetite for gadgetry.

I have always been a user of Microsoft products. Often, over the last decade, out of necessity. Sometimes suffering their software. But of late I have become a Microsoft convert. A devotee. An evangelist. A fanboy? I wouldn’t go that far. Fanboy is a word that has its place, and is an apt description for some adherents of brands. They are the fundamentalists of the tech world, and I wouldn’t label myself as a member of any extreme faction.

I like Microsoft of late because I like their products. Windows 7 is an excellent operating system. I like the direction they are going. Microsoft Live is an effective suite of tools. They ‘get’ where I want to go online and what I want to do, and where they aren’t yet fulfilling those requirements they have projects underway. And I hope they make headway elsewhere, as I have mentioned in a recent post.

In the UK I will make the most of Microsoft products to unify my digital life. Windows 7, Microsoft Xbox 360, a Zune Pass and, what I hope will be my first tech acquisition, a Samsung Omnia 7 running Microsoft’s new Windows Phone 7 OS. Cheaper than an iPhone, with many superior features to an iPhone. And what’s not to love about the Flickr app that runs on it? Technology wise, I’m very much looking forward to being back in the UK.



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