The Wilderness Awaits

Thirty five full days left and counting. It’s not just me who will be departing from Chez Denness, although the others will travel a lesser distance. The ten terror-pins are also to be cast into the wilderness, abandoned to their fate. Four of the little ones are to be adopted and will continue to be waited on hand and foot. The giants have a destination more suited to their proportions.

They will have more space, more sun, new friends and just as much food, although the occasional treats of ham, tuna and barbacoa they have become used to will be more scarce. Still, they will miss ‘home’. Maybe. Is that a tear I see in Bob’s eye? Probably not. He has a steely, confident gaze, does Bob.



4 thoughts on “The Wilderness Awaits

    • Perhaps you could adopt little Florecita, the one I rescued in 2008 and had to hand feed for a month and spent 1000 pesos on vet bills on! I’d like to think Florry would be happy after all I’ve been through!


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