My photography skills often earn me compliments. Sometimes out of kindness, sometimes out of pity, sometime out of honest admiration. I’m more certain of the first two than the last one. I often do myself down. At least a little. I’m undeserving of many of the compliments, in my own mind at least. It all depends on what basis, what comparison, the compliment is made.

I host my photos on Flickr. I may have mentioned this previously. Flickr is a great place to host your photos. It’s also a great community. There are thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of really talented photographers on Flickr. I browse through other peoples uploads regularly, add new contacts, mark great photos as favourites and enter little competitions.

I can measure my participation with the statistics. I’ll normally mention the ones related to my photos. For the record, I have 7,761 photographs in 427 sets, organised in 15 collections, with a grand total of 207,240 views. My most viewed photo, Saxy Girl, accounts for 5,918 of those views. People have ‘faved’ my photos a total of 368 times, and left 467 comments, whilst 701 of my photos have never had so much as a single view.

But I was talking about other photographers and their photos. I have stats for them too. I have created (or curated) 13 Galleries consisting of 206 fantastic shots. I have 185 contacts and have joined 116 groups. My participation levels vary from zero to regular. And I have favourited a total of 2,000 photos precisely. Sometimes I favourite contacts photos that I like, or photos that I find in Explore, or photos that I just happen to stumble across. I regularly use the thoroughly excellent Fluidr to browse.

The slideshow below contains the full catalogue of other peoples photos that I have marked as favourites. I find them inspiring. They give me ideas, motivate me and keep me aiming higher. On the other hand, they also remind me of my place as a photographer in the grand scheme of things. Should you ever notice me respond to a compliment with a touch of disbelief or offer a seemingly overly modest response – well, these are the photos that are responsible. As a photographer, I still have a mighty long way to go.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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