Keep It Simple

I upgraded to Windows 7…..I’m not sure exactly how long ago. Long enough ago that I’ve forgotten. But I ditched XP (having previously ditched Virus Vista which came with my laptop) as soon as the Windows 7 Beta program kicked off and haven’t looked back. It’s a slick OS and if you haven’t made the jump yet, then give it a thought.

One aspect I like about Windows 7 is the customiseability. I know how the PC looks is secondary to how it performs, but I like to give my PC a look that I like anyway. Win 7 comes with Themes which can cycle collections of desktop wallpapers to keep the desktop fresh. You can download or create themes.

I like a clean simple desktop. Which is why I like Simple Desktops. I’ve picked out 20 from their collection that I particularly liked and turned them into a theme, which I adventurously called the Simple Theme. If you have Windows 7 installed (and I guess it will work on Vista too, if you are still suffering that piece of malware in a box) you can download it by clicking here and then double clicking on the file to install.

Need a screensaver too? I have had Mosaica installed for years, but it never looks old. It takes photos from Flickr and produces a dynamic screensaver that is different every time. You can get that by clicking here.


2 thoughts on “Keep It Simple

  1. Rich says:

    I am still holding on to my XP but do admit the Windows 7 is vast improvement. Tried the Kiwi background from Simple Desktops and loved it! Thanks. So the countdown continue for your return home?


    • It does depend on the specs of your machine too, whether an upgrade is in your best interests. I owuld say that it’s best to go for Win 7 only if your PC beats the recommended specs, rather than simply matching the minimum specs.

      Yes, it does. One month and one day, and counting…..!


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