Keep It Simple

I upgraded to Windows 7…..I’m not sure exactly how long ago. Long enough ago that I’ve forgotten. But I ditched XP (having previously ditched Virus Vista which came with my laptop) as soon as the Windows 7 Beta program kicked off and haven’t looked back. It’s a slick OS and if you haven’t made the jump yet, then give it a thought.

One aspect I like about Windows 7 is the customiseability. I know how the PC looks is secondary to how it performs, but I like to give my PC a look that I like anyway. Win 7 comes with Themes which can cycle collections of desktop wallpapers to keep the desktop fresh. You can download or create themes.

I like a clean simple desktop. Which is why I like Simple Desktops. I’ve picked out 20 from their collection that I particularly liked and turned them into a theme, which I adventurously called the Simple Theme. If you have Windows 7 installed (and I guess it will work on Vista too, if you are still suffering that piece of malware in a box) you can download it by clicking here and then double clicking on the file to install.

Need a screensaver too? I have had Mosaica installed for years, but it never looks old. It takes photos from Flickr and produces a dynamic screensaver that is different every time. You can get that by clicking here.

2 thoughts on “Keep It Simple

  1. I am still holding on to my XP but do admit the Windows 7 is vast improvement. Tried the Kiwi background from Simple Desktops and loved it! Thanks. So the countdown continue for your return home?


    1. It does depend on the specs of your machine too, whether an upgrade is in your best interests. I owuld say that it’s best to go for Win 7 only if your PC beats the recommended specs, rather than simply matching the minimum specs.

      Yes, it does. One month and one day, and counting…..!


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