A Monument To Colour

I’ve visited the Monument of the Revolution a few times over the last few months. I cast my eyes over the area during the renovations, dubious as to whether it would be finished in time for the revolution’s centenary. I stared in wonder as it neared completion, within the time frame required. And I had a good look around it, in it and up it once it had reopened to the public.

Yesterday I passed by and noticed it all lit up in many changing colours, with a fair sized number of people wandering about. The fountain puts on quite a light show, even if it isn’t quite a rival for the Bellagio in Las Vegas. It was still open to the public for trips up the elevator to the exterior viewing areas too. And it was just begging me to get my camera out to let my lens soak up some of those bright hues. I’ve added the photos to my monument set – click here.

Not everyone likes the new glass elevator that ploughs a course right up the centre of the monument, but I think it looks fine. Not everyone appreciates the expense of some of the bicentenary/centenary projects, but this one, in my opinion, was money well spent.

At A Crossroads


12 thoughts on “A Monument To Colour

  1. Dan in NC says:

    Fab photo! Love the colours! The perspective is rather unique! Flat on your back at the base of the lift??
    I REALLY like this image!
    Dan in NC


    • No, just standing, pointing Mr Camera straight up. I do like this shot. But it really wasn’t hard to get. In fact I’d have had to have been a very special combination of blind and stupid not to see it!

      I got a few similar shots, but it was this one that got 10 ‘Saves’ over at the DMU group and got sent to the Lightbox. They are harsh jusges, and I don’t get many photos saved, so I’m pretty pleased!


  2. Kim G says:

    Fantastic shot. Well ahead of your normal standards of quality. Methinks it worthy of a print.


    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where we are feeling kind of trapped in the house, what with all the snow and ice outside.


    • I should have done what Dan assumed I’d done….lie flat on my back. Or at least lie the camera flat on it’s back, chosen a low ISO and got a sharp long exposure. If you enlarge it you’ll see a little noise. No problem for screen, or even an A4 print. But it’d show a little at poster size.

      Still, I’m impressed with how little noise there is….ISO 1600!


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