Shelled Giant

Angus could still grow a bit bigger. But he’s already a bit of a giant for a five year old turtle. He’s the biggest of the bunch, although Bob isn’t far behind. Offers of adoption won’t be accepted for the big ‘uns. They really need the space of a lake now. Fortunately, I’ve found a suitable lake for them here in DF. They’re going to love it…

Leg It


4 thoughts on “Shelled Giant

    • I like both turts and crocs, so I’d like to think that they’d get on great and be BFFs. But there’s a good chance your theory would be closer to the mark, so I’ll find Angus a different stretch of water just to be on the safe side…


    • I gave the Anthropological Museum serious thought. It’s a lovely spot. But….it’s pretty crowded with turts already. Too many could be a health problem. I have found somewhere just perfect for them though…..news of their adventures will be reported as it happens!


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