Spring Clean

The first Jacarandas are out. Tis spring, and time for cleaning. I thought I’d start with a new look for my blog. I’m not sure it’s better, but it does at least look ‘fresher’. It has pros and cons. I prefer the ‘comment’ link to be at the top of the post, as it is with this theme. And wasn’t with the last one. The text is smaller, but I prefer this font size. Those with dodgy vision might disagree. My Flickr photos can be displayed, but maybe they’re a little too distracting? I haven’t made my mind up. What do you think? Feedback is welcome.


14 thoughts on “Spring Clean

  1. Terri says:

    I love the new look of your blog. The reds of the header and the grays look great together and “The Mexile” lettering is striking. Very pleasing to the eye.


  2. That’s it! Torture us. New look or not, you’ll be leaving Mexico soon, and this blog will disappear. Or no?

    Don Cuevas

    PS: I liked the not-so-old old banner better.
    We will be enjoying your jacarandas this weekend.


    • Well the comments themselves are at the bottom, of course. It’s just the link to go to comments is at the top. One of the things I didn’t like about the last theme was that the comments link came at the bottom of the post with the category and tags. It got a bit lost in too much link clutter. Now it’s easy to find. Maybe I’ll start getting more comments again now! They have died off a bit recently…


  3. Kim G says:

    I like the new format, but also liked the old format. Also wasn’t yet tired of “Respeta Mi Pinta.”

    However, I MUCH prefer the comments link at the bottom since I never comment before reading the blog post. So with the comment link at the top, I have to scroll back up, which is a pain.

    Can you hack the theme to put comment links at both top and bottom?

    We are definitely going to miss your Mexico posts, but I look forward to UK posts.


    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where the only really consistent theme these days is snow and cold. We’d like a change of that theme.


    • I guess having the link to comments at the bottom is more logical from that point of view. I could hack it, but first I’d have to hand $15 over to WordPress for the CSS upgrade. And these are tight times economically speaking. I’ve often been tempted. If I could I’d have just the date and category at the top of the post, and comment link followed by tags at the bottom.

      I’d also like to get rid of the blank grey strip underneath the navbar. Technically the blank grey strip is a secondary navbar, but it looked messy when I started adding links.Meh….I’ll bear all this in mind when I next have a change of theme. WordPress.com do regularly bring out new themes, and one will take my fancy eventually.

      I don’t like cold, although I can handle snow. Although we get little enough of it in the UK for it to be a novelty rather than a bother.


      • Kim G says:

        I can imagine that the secondary navbar would look messy with links. But as a simple grey stripe, it looks fine. It kind of visually anchors the title bar. If it were gone, I think the top of the blog would look too pinched.


        Kim G
        Boston, MA
        Where we don’t mind occasional snow, but the incessant blizzards are beginning to wear on us.


        • I just watched a programme downloaded from the Beeb – The Year Britain Froze. Seems the snow situation has changed since I left. I retract my earlier statement!

          When are you hitting DF for some nice spring weather?


  4. Elizabeth says:

    I like the new look…I especially like the photos down the side. Seems, though, as if I’m not the only one who misses the old graffiti header!


  5. It looks good, but you’re not long for this Mexican world, so this seems like effort for nada. I cannot imagine you’d keep this colorful Mexican look for a blog from grim, gray, stodgy England.

    And the comment link makes far more sense at the bottom.


    • Effort for nada? It’s easy enough to change that top banner! And yes, the link at the bottom would be good. When I’m back in the UK I might, if I get a half decent paying job, go and get me a WordPress.org blog. Then I’ll have Disqus back…


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