Mexico City

Plaza Santo Domingo

It’s Fotowalk Friday. This week I decided to have a trek around Plaza Santo Domingo – map number 48. It’s on the ciclothon route, but I’ve never stopped off there for too long, bar a breakfast a year or so ago in a cafe. It’s a slightly edgy area, famous for the dozens of printers that can provide you with fancy party invitations, and also rather well known for the  illicit production of documents. Want a degree? This is the place to go.

You could, I guess, get a fake doctors note too. Need inspiration for an original illness? The Palace of the Medical School is just across the road, with more inspiration than you’d ever want.  There numerous skulls, bones and instruments of the profession, including some strange concoctions. It appears at some stage a Mexican invented purest green. But as with chocolate, it took a Brit, Mr Fry, to turn it into a solid product. The Fry name is still going, and attached to one of my favourite choccy treats.

There is one room with wax models of various body parts afflicted with all kinds of vile looking conditions. There was a crowd of kids around one section. They moved off, and I had a look. Genitals, in various stages of rot. They should put a condom dispenser next to it – they’d make a fortune. It’s an excellent museum though, especially if medicine is your thing. Best of all, it’s free.

Next stop was the Santo Domingo church. Which I am sure has a few patrons that visit straight after viewing the exhibits in the Medical School to make extravagant promises to him upstairs in return for not being cursed with any of those nasty STDs. It’s another of Mexico City’s glorious churches with painted dome and flocks of angels.

Last stop was not actually in or abutting the plaza, but you’d pass by it on your way. The Museum of Caricatures. They have a Bicentennial theme at the moment. Doesn’t every museum? It’s only 20 pesos to get in, and can be covered in about 20 minutes. Artists sit in the centre of the place ready to draw your caricature for a few bucks.  Photos? Of course. Click here and see them all on Flickr.


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