The Amazonian

Daniel Hernadez, in my opinion one of the best Mexico City bloggers currently blogging, has a new book out. I haven’t read it, so I can’t offer an opinion. But the link that lead me there got me wondering if my book, published with Lulu, had made it onto Amazon in paperback form. It has! I am a published author at last…..mwahahaha! An Amazonian. Who doesn’t want to have their name on a book sold by Amazon with a proper ISBN number et al? Having it on Amazon Kindle was nice, but having it in paperback is just more real.

I bought a paperback copy of the book through Lulu at the beginning of January. This wasn’t pure vanity, just partial vanity. I had to buy a copy in order to approve it before Lulu would list it on Amazon. It was nice having a real paperback in my hand for all the work I put into it though. It’s not bad. It’s like…a real book. The text on the spine is a bit big. The font choice inside was spot on though. Better than the recommended font and font size in the template I used.

So mission accomplished. From downloading a template, copy and pasting pages and pages of blog entries, editing, uploading to final product in just a couple of months. It can’t hurt my CV to be able to declare in small text at the bottom that I’ve had a book published. It didn’t hurt with ‘Dear UK Retailer‘, of course, who appear not to have read my CV beyond the first line. Do I have a really offensive name? It could be worse. I’m not Adolf Stalin, or Saddam Pot. But who knows, someone somewhere might be impressed. With the book, not my name.

It has been pointed out to me that the title of the book could be construed as being a little misleading. Is there any TEFL related stuff within the pages? Sure. But he made a fair point. There’s a lot of non TEFL stuff in there too. It’s my blog. If someone bought the book on title alone, there is the possibility he or she might feel they didn’t entirely get what they thought they thought they were getting.

But there is a description that can be read before clicking the ‘Buy’ button. And besides, one of the main objectives, in fact the main ojective was to be a published author of a book which bears employment relevance to my six years in Mexico. So TEFLers Guide – Mexico City it was. For anyone thinking of making a career in TEFL in Mexico City, or elsewhere in the country then, to be fair on myself, I think it makes a useful read.

I am going to create a new edition though. Or rather, a new book. Call it what it is – The Mexile. Change that spine text. Remove some of the TEFL posts. Add some of the posts I’ve written in the last couple of months. A new photo for the front cover, and a load of new photos inside. And where on my CV it says ‘my first book was published in 2010‘ I shall add ‘my second book was published in early 2011‘. Who’s gonna buy a copy of both to check they aren’t essentially the same book?!



12 thoughts on “The Amazonian

  1. Kim G says:

    Well…can it be long now before you are besieged by screaming teenaged girls at train stations and airports?

    Best of luck,

    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where we dwell mostly in obscurity.


    • I live in hope. I’ll pack a felt marker for any ladies who need flesh autographed!

      (But I suspect my book will dwell in the most obscure corner of Amazon. The Kindle version has actually sold a few copies though. With a 2 dollar profit margin, I mustn’t grumble…)


    • Go for it. I think we both know that this is something of a personal venture, although it’s nice if a friend or two grabs a copy! But it’s fun, and not so hard to do. Easy enough for their to be little in the way of frustration anyway.


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