Ten days to go. Goodbyes are underway. Two classes have finished, and all but one will be finished by this time next week. It’s traditional to have a leaving party when a job comes to an end. The plus point of being a independent teacher is that you have so many jobs. So many leaving parties. The first was this morning, although it had little to do with work. Homer, Mr Patel, Angel and Florecita all packed their bags shells and trundled off to a new home. But only after a last lamb feast to send them on their way. Four turtles down, six to go.

I said goodbye to American Football too this evening, at a ‘Packers Party’ at Paola’s godparents. It’s a pretty popular sport in Mexico. Plenty of the inlaws have family living in Wisconsin. Paola’s mum and nephews hail from that state. So Green Bay were the team to cheer on. They won, which made them happy. Will I watch the final next year? Not very likely. American Football isn’t really something we go for in the UK. There’s always something better on to watch. Sheepdog trials, for a starter. If you thought construction workers had a whistle on them, you’re in for an education. But the in-laws think I’m mad. How can anyone not love American Football? Meh.

The Godparents


8 thoughts on “Ten

  1. Michael Wolf says:

    I can’t get rid of my nagging suspicion that most people only like gridiron because they’ve been told that they’re supposed to like it so many times that they started to believe it.


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