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Photos For Profits

The BBC have an interesting video on selling photography that I thought I’d share. Interesting for me on several counts. Firstly, the prospects of profiting from your photos – amateur snappers are getting an ever bigger share of the image sales market every year. Although I’ve never had a cent. True, the requests I have had I’ve accepted with a copy of the book or magazine in lieu of payment. But I’ve had nothing through the Getty arrangement with Flickr.

Secondly, they feature an MFT camera in the video, a Panasonic GF2. A little more expensive than my Olympus Pen, which is also in the video briefly, but they share much of the same tech. It’s a fabulous little camera. It also has a ‘smaller brother’ now, if you want quality but don’t want to leave the comapct market just yet – the Olympus XZ-1.

Thirdly…shooting photographs in London. Just 7 days to go….

Vodpod videos no longer available.

6 thoughts on “Photos For Profits

  1. Hey Gary!
    Great to hear from you! Are you still in Mexico? Fantastic news for m4/3 camera owners. I would hope within a year there will be a ton of great lenses for mft. I miss my E-pl1. I was hoping for an Olympus 4/3 with two dials and an evf. I’m also getting closer to retirement and have to examine the cost factor as I won’t have anywhere near the money I do now to throw around. We don’t actually have a lot. What we have goes to cruising. In fact, we’re going on another cruise in two weeks.
    Hope you two are doing well. Any job news? Keep in touch!!!


    • I think it goes without saying that while you get more ultimate quality from an interchangeable lens camera with a larger sensor, those bridge cameras are mighty flexible, mighty good value and shoot some pretty darn good pics too. I do keep up with your cruising posts. Plenty of them! My dream holiday is a cruise, but a specific one. Down the River Nile in Egypt. Probably not a good moment to be doing that right now though!

      Job news…’s going to be tough I think. But I’m keeping hopeful. I have a few plans to put into action, besides applying for everything I could possibly do. Which is what I’ve been doing for the last week. I must have dished out about 50 applications so far, with about a half dozen pretty instant rejections.

      The quickest came from a particular retailer which, to be frank, I’d rather not work for. I was losing the will to live even as I filled out the form. They wanted my current salary. I put the amount in pesos. They wanted to know my salary expectations. I put ‘Pounds sterling, not pesos. Please’. Humour doesn’t work. The rejection was in my inbox within about an hour.


      • Is staying until you get something an option? I know your S.O. won’t want to hear that and I can understand you both wanting to move – still????! It’s tough here in Canada as well. I’m an optician for Wal-mart. While it can be challenging at times the stability a big store brings is great!


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