A Chocolate Goodbye

It’s traditional, if you’ve had a job for a while at least, to get a leaving party when you depart. One of the big bonuses of my form of employment is that I effectively have a half dozen jobs. And a half dozen leaving parties. I’m not going to grumble, not for a minute. A fabulous last plate of enchiladas poblanos at Bisquets Obregon yesterday and a big chocolate cake this morning. I’m being treated to a lunch tomorrow, and I have a meeting with a large burger at Chiulis on Monday.

So I must have done something right over the last five years and nine months, even if I did make at least one blunder. Look at that cake, darnit! With Love For Me. Leaving is sad, but at least I’m leaving with a full belly and fond farewells, not spit on my face and a boot in my behind! Although Top Gear made the latter a close possibility….thanks for that, Clarkson!

I had wondered how UK employers would react to my stay here in sunny Mexico. I think, unfortunately, the general reaction will be negative. Although I have this morning received the first positive email, asking to chat with me by telephone about the role. Not a job offer. Not even a formal job interview. But promising, and it’s a job I’d rather like. I know how I see my time here, with regards employment in the UK. I think it is fair to say that 99% of retail management is about people. How you can motivate, relate to, manage and organise people.

That’s a skill some people have, and some people don’t. My work as an English teacher has, in my opinion, enhanced those skills, leaving me better equipped for retail management, not worse. The rest of the required job skills – numeracy, common sense, analysis and the ability to work hard – are not lost in five and a bit years.


7 thoughts on “A Chocolate Goodbye

  1. Kim G says:

    I will miss strolling around DF snapping pictures with you, even if it is even now a rare treat.

    But I look forward to a day wandering around London snapping photos together.

    So I’m sure it’ll all even out.

    Best of luck back in Blighty.


    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    But in spirit, in DF, México.


  2. Meth says:


    The second picture is not Ok. Maybe it is neccesary another breakfast and better pictures!

    I know you will get a good job in London, because you deserve the best!

    Hasta la vista !


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