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Pig Sick

Carnitas. Chunks of pork wrapped in a tortilla, a little onion and cilantro. Delicious. Delectable. Deadly. Within a couple of hours of chomping on a couple of the tacos, I was feeling a bit off. I didn’t sleep the whole night, as I felt worse. I tried to sleep in the spare room at first, then on the living room floor with my head hanging out the patio door. Fever had hit. But sunrise my carnitas had exited the way they had entered. It came as no surprise. A few hours later what wasn’t expelled forced an exit via the same route. Is this all too much information?

But the fever burned on, until late in the evening when my stubborn refusal to go to the doctor was beat. I waddled in, got checked over, had my 100+ temperature ummed and erred over and left with a prescription for several packets of pills. Bless the make of anti biotics. By morning the fever was gone.

The photo below is from the guilty establishment. I had taken it thinking of post about  how I’ll miss the city’s taquerias. The ability to stop on almost any corner for a cheap feast. It didn’t work out like that. Right now the thought of carnitas has my stomach churning in a not good way. In fact anything in a tortilla makes me want to gag. Just as well this happened a couple of days before I leave, not a couple of days after I arrived. One thing is for sure. Whilst the Tres Coyotes taqueria has a long history and is very popular, it gets a serious thumbs down from me.


9 thoughts on “Pig Sick

  1. Obet says:

    Hehehehe….I know how does it feel the “bad carnitas experience”, that’s the reason why I try to avoid eat any pork meat not cooked in my house, is a very risky situation.

    Now, you can’t miss the Mexico City’s taquerías (not anymore taquitos), that’s a good thing right? Be careful with next last mexican meal.


  2. Kim G says:

    Sorry to hear of your mis-adventures. Hope you are feeling better by now.

    I once had a similar experience, but after a rather posh meal at the Inn de San Angel. I’m not sure what it was, but getting sick after spending nearly $100 USD for a dinner for two made me doubly unlikely to ever return.

    Buena Suerte,

    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where, in our mind, high prices create high expectations.


  3. Sorry, Gary, that this was among your last experiences of Mexico. I try to limit my carnitas intake to about 3 times a year. The best ones have come directly out of the cazo, alongside the stand. Some stands use heat lamps, which may be inadequate for keeping the temperatre high enough. (The same goes for pizza held under a heat lamp, which is something I wouldn’t buy anyway, apart from the dubious hygiene.

    Don Cuevas


    • There is a very good carnitas restaurant just round the corner from my house. It comes straight from the oil filled cazo. The one I ate on Friday was a heat lamp affair. I noticed this only as I was departing….


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