Food and Drink

A Xochimilco Farewell

Tomorrow is my last full day in DF. Yesterday my last trip to Xochimilco. The Diorama setting on the Art Scene dial worked well, I thought. The food and drink did not. For me, anyway. Everyone else enjoyed, but my stomach was still fragile to say the least. Not the ideal final weekend, but such is life. I had a Marmite sandwich instead. I shared some with the in-laws. In the UK, you either love or hate the stuff. Here, they just hate it, but are far too polite to say so, and will finish it off. Usually. Paola’s godfather couldn’t quite restrain himself though. His mouth dropped open in disgust, and he looked around before hissing ‘Help me!’ Pamela the dog sniffed it, but refused. Very unMexican of her. The photos of the day are, as ever, on Flickr – click here.


17 thoughts on “A Xochimilco Farewell

    • As I will miss Mexico, and the kind comments of you and my blogging amigos! But I will still exist, albeit somewhere distant and different, and I hope to see you there from time to time!


  1. tancho says:

    You must enjoy Xochi, since I am pretty sure you have honored us before with your photos and copy of past cruises there. I hope it has been cleaned up a tad since my sail about 15 years ago. At that time it seem pretty run down, with few boats around and only one tamale ship in sight. I do remember the island of the weird collector who had collected trash and art which was difficult to discern from his display. It actually looked like someone had just dumped a full dumpster onto the uprising and he simply hung most of it into the trees.
    It is nice to see that it looks more prosperous, perhaps it was a had time of year that I ventured there.
    Good luck to you mate for all your scribings that I have enjoyed and chortled at, along with the scratches that made me scratch my noggin in thought. I for one will miss your diatribes which have made my life a bit more interesting. Bravo and Good Luck!


    • I have mixed feelings about Xochimilco. It certainly sounds like it’s more popular today than when you last cruised the canals – there’s always plenty of boats and vendors – water borne and land lubbers. But I don’t drink, you see. The alcoholic stuff anyway. And the place is very much geared up for that. It’s never nice being the sole sober voice so far from shore – but everyone else has a jolly good time! For me…I try and pass the time taking photos. Although I always find it extraordinarily difficult to shoot. At first glance, you’d think the opposite. So much colour and contrast.

      But there’s so much shadow and the green background – both foliage and water – that getting just the right shot is tricky.

      The collector – I’m assuming that must be the famous Island of the Dolls. Another place I wanted to go but never quite made it to. Another lifetime….


  2. Kim G says:

    So you got a proper send-off at Xochimilco? How very Mexican.

    Your marmite comments had me laughing out loud, though. Where the hell in Mexico City can one get marmite?

    I will be in DF on Friday. Sad to miss you, but wishing you the best re-start in England.


    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where we fantasize about moving somewhere. Anywhere it doesn’t snow.


    • I can tell you exactly where in DF one gets hold of a tub of Marmite. From a little parcel posted from England!

      You on Friday, Steve tomorrow evening. Alas….

      But there will be other times. Perhaps next time I will be the visitor and you the resident. Do let me know if you want a cheap camera brought into the country!!!


  3. Kim G says:

    P.S. Isn’t marmite one of those things where “less is more?” I’ve heard a very thin layer will more than do the trick. If you’re into that kind of thing, of course.


    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where we’ve never actually tried marmite. Adventures lie ahead.


    • Michael Wolf says:

      Kim, you can get it at Shaws. Here in the DF, I mostly make due with Bovril. Neither is quite like the Vegemite and Promite I grew to love once upon a time, but both are ok as substitutes.


  4. Hey Gary!
    It’s been a treat trading photo stuff with you over the last year or so. Thanks to you I hung on to a decent camera and learned how to use it. I’ve also fumbled with this new technology thanks to your blog. I’ve just started looking at Facebook that’s old hat for you. You obviously put a fair amount of time into you blog and it shows. Pursue your idea’s of representing the museum (or whatever business) as I think blogging is a very cost effective way to communicate. You do that very well.
    When the dust settles drop me a line. We’re going away in two weeks for a couple of weeks. Will look for you!
    Be sure to keep in touch. I wish you and your wife all the best as you embark on another adventure.


  5. Nez says:

    It’s been wonderful keeping up with your blog. Your point of view has always given me something to think about, even though I haven’t commented much. Your regular entries shall be missed in the blogosphere, but I hope we will continue to hear from you at some point or another 🙂 Thanks (“ta!”) for all the postcards! Sending you the best wishes for what lies ahead…


  6. Aaaah, what a bittersweet last weekend. Hard to believe it is here already! I hope I never have a last weekend in London and that if I do, it is not because I am heading back to South Africa.


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