Mexico City

Adios For Now

The wonders of WordPress. I can write a post and set it to publish in later, at a chosen moment in time. I have a post set for October 19th 2072, to mark my 100th birthday. Maybe I’ll be around to read it, maybe not. This post is set to publish at 8.55pm February 16th 2010. Which is the moment my plane is due to take off from Benito Juarez airport, heading to London Heathrow. I’m not fond of flying. It’s boring, for one. and despite my functional appreciation of the laws of physics, and my grasp on why a Boeing 747 is perfectly at home 30,000 feet or more in the air – it just still doesn’t seem quite right that a chunck of metal that big and heavy gets off the ground.

But anyway. This is truly adios. For now. You can click on the image below and see it in it’s 11 megapixel glory by the way. Perhaps you’ll need to save it to disk to be able to zoom and have a looky see at the 400 odd photos that it contains, taken over the last 5 and a bit years in Mexico. Depends on your browser maybe. It’s zoomable in Chrome.


25 thoughts on “Adios For Now

  1. teresa freeburn says:

    did you go back in time-it’s now 2011. perhaps your dislike or is it fear of flying, made you err in the date.

    best wishes to you and your lovely wife. hope your turtles were left with folks who will care for them as well as you did.

    take care,

    teresa in lake stevens


  2. Nez says:

    To mimic an embarrassing Mexican song “Aaaadios Goodbye….Goodbye Adios” (aren’t ya glad to be leaving THAT behind?)….though you know there never is a Goodbye. Until we all (virtually) meet again : )


  3. Sid Ayted says:

    Oh oh.. regrets already? Never mind, a nice cup of tea will cure anything as they say. Probably warm you up also.. It’s only 74 here today, so don’t feel too bad đŸ™‚


  4. Kim G says:

    Noooooo!!!!!! Not the last post!!!!!!

    We are hoping for pithy British commentary now. Perhaps you could do it in Spanish just to shake things up a bit. LOL

    Hope you are enjoying your free and unrestricted access to Marmite, and all the other joys of British cuisine.


    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    From whence we fly tomorrow to DF. Can’t wait.


  5. Obet says:

    The end?…noooooooooooooooo!…please Gary keep bloggin’, it’s really a pleasure read your blog.

    Good bye, Gary, my best wishes for you and your family….I was hoping see you again in the context of the England’s 2018 WC .


  6. Juan says:

    As all others have said, your tales about life in Mexico will be sorely missed. I cannot wait to see the new blog–because there will be a new blog, right?

    Best of luck with the resettlement.



  7. Opatije says:

    Good luck …and best wishes for the future.

    I enjoyed your blog (about my beloved Mexico) and will surely miss your writing style.



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