The Moss Side Band

So here I am. Cold, grey England, with plenty of drizzle. What have I done?! I could be strolling through warm, sunny Mexican streets instead. But such is life. The job market is tough. Plenty of rejections – I suspect that the six years in Mexico are counting against me, not for me. But I did have an interview yesterday. As it happens, of all the jobs I’ve applied for, it’s one that suits my experience, it’s for a company I’d like to work for and I am reasonably hopeful of getting called back for round two.

Getting started back at work isn’t an instantaneous process, but I hope it is quick. Travelling up to London for interviews isn’t just time consuming (which is no problem really – I have time) but also expensive. Which is a problem. Or could become one. Prices seem to have gone up a little in my absence.

But it was nice being in London again. If I could get that job, I’d love to live there again. It’s been too long. My interview happened to be just down the road from where I worked many years ago. Decades ago, in fact…I’m getting old! The image below, which is also in my new header image (I just never quite fell in love with the new blog theme, so I’ve reverted to the old one) is of an old pub, just a few shops down from where I used to ply my trade.

We, me and my Cullens convenience store colleagues, used to give the landlord of this grand establishment money in exchange for beer and the privilege of sitting in his fine building to drink his brews. Once upon a time, we arranged a party in there on a karaoke evening. I had done an early shift, and when it came time to go join the merriment, I found I couldn’t be bothered.

The next day at work, two of friends wound me up, telling me Bruce Springsteen had popped in for a pint during the evening, and they’d gotten him to sing Born In The USA with them and the karaoke machine. I didn’t believe them of course. Yet. On my next visit, there was the photo on the wall. Bruce. With Colin and John. They didn’t make much of an E Street Band. More a Moss Side Band, or Mancunian Refugees Band. But still. I was a little gutted. I haven’t see them for two decades now either. I wonder what happened to Colin and John in the end?


13 thoughts on “The Moss Side Band

  1. I had drinks with Kim while I was in Mexico City. We both commented that it would have nice to have you join us — but you were England-bound by then — if not England-landed. Seeing the turtles at the Anthropoligical Museum made me think of Your Kids.


    • That’s a fabulous museum. And Kim fabulous company for drinks, as I’m sure you found. Hadn’t you guys met before? Sad I couldn’t have joined you. I’d landed in the UK by the time Kim was airborne though.

      And the kids… 😦


  2. Dan in NC says:

    Know what you mean about costs! It is really ironic that a pint of Guinness (from the Phoenix Park Brewery) is almost half of the cost here in NC for the same nectar they are drinking in Dublin! And I won’t say anything about the costs of cigs or petrol! Best of luck on the job search – hope it comes through for you!
    Dan in NC


    • Some costs are positively shocking! But at least petrol prices are tumbling…. 🙂


      The job hunt so far is pretty demoralising. More so when I know I’d do a better job than most of the people they’re employing instead. There are plenty of jobs going. Just an awful lot of applicants. One website I use shows how many applicants each job has. When a vacancy has several hundred applicants within a day of being listed, you know it’s going to be tough.


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  4. Kim G says:

    Welcome back to the Blogosphere. We missed you in your absence.

    Steve and I did have a lovely drink together, on the Holiday Inn’s rooftop bar overlooking the Zocalo. I thought of you and your skating rink pictures. Indeed it would have been fun if you could have joined us. But some other time.

    I love the photos, but given what I know of London and its light, you must really have cranked up the saturation on those babies! LOL…


    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Which also requires a hefty dose of saturation. Especially this time of year.


    • That’s a great view from up there. They used to serve up decent grub as well, but the last couple of times we went, it had declined considerably. But it does drinks just fine! And yes, another time…

      The photo, aside from some cropping, is as it came out of the camera. Or did I turn up the contrast a little? If I did, just a little.


  5. Gary,
    Do your best in applying for jobs but drop into the human resources departments of museums, etc. with a proposal and resume of your writing skills. Get the names of the General Manager / CEO / whatever and write them asking them to create a spot for you.
    All you need is one or two clients and your in!


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