Around The World In 80 Minutes

There are many fine museums around the world. Dozens, if not hundreds in Mexico City which I enjoyed visiting during my time there. But there’s only one can be the finest, and that is the British Museum. This is a subjective opinion, and my subjective opinion at that. But I know I’m not alone. It is the world’s second most visited museum, and boasts nearly seven million exhibits. When you approach the building, you know it is something special. What a fabulous place to call your office. I’m still working on it, but times are tough.

Times have been tough before. For millenia, as you can see from the wear and tear on many of the exhibits. Some of which are simply irreplaceable. There’s the Elgin Marbles, a continual source of controversy, from the Parthenon in Athens. A chunk of the Sphinx‘s beard, with a little of the red paint still visible. And one of my favourites, the Rosetta Stone.

The museum is full of ‘things’ made by man, from both the ancient world and the modern. There’s some really profound pieces, such as the Throne of Weapons, as featured on the excellent radio/podcast series, A History of the World in 100 Objects. Africa doesn’t make guns, yet there are plenty doing the rounds in the continent – at least these ones have a more productive purpose.

I never tire of the British Museum. Although it is easy to tire walking around it. We spent four hours or more inside yesterday, and kept up a good pace. And saw less than half of what was on offer. There will be other times to see the rest. You can always rush round. Set your clock and visit the entire world in 80 minutes. But you’d miss too much. Click here to see my photos on Flickr.



5 thoughts on “Around The World In 80 Minutes

  1. My favorite is the inappropriately name: ram in a thicket. To me, one of the greatest art pieces in the world. Second only to Donatello’s Mary Magdalene. I have stood for an hour in front of its case just admiring the way it is constructed. On one visit, it was he only object I viewed. Some might call it obsessive.


  2. Tancho says:

    Well, I found that in London it was museum overload….probably if I resided there that would make me appreciate them more, and in a more moderated time.
    The ones that I really enjoyed were the Victoria and Albert, and down the street the Science, and my favorite was the Crime at Scottland Yard, plus the Tower Bridge and Tower of London….
    I think I would venture to go see those again, spending a little more time now…..
    I understand that there are hundreds of museums in London, surely a pivital point to anyone who enjoys the look into the past!
    You are one lucky fellow, having at your feet such a multitude of displays, one could probably spend more than a year and never set foot on the same display………
    Glad that you are adjusting to different life……………..
    So to speak.


    • It does take time to get through these museums. My favourite of the bunch, and by far the biggest, is simply called London. It’ll take a lifetime to get through just a fraction of it….

      But I shall be back with what I find!


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