A Long Time Ago

Did you think you’d seen the last of my Mexico photos? Nearly, but not quite. I spent my final Wednesday, before flying off in the evening, walking around Coyoacan. Chatting, eating, sipping coffee and snapping a few shots. Truth be told, I’d snapped Coyoacan to death already. I looked through my memory card today and chose the final selection for upload to Flickr. There’s nothing in there that I haven’t shot before. But they are the final shots. And that makes them publishable.

I did like the photo below though. The colour of the buildings. The lush green leaves on the trees, yellowed where the bright Mexican sun hits them. It’s a warm, bohemian photo. Very much the opposite of where I am now, in the countryside of southern England. In winter the countryside is a grey and bleak place. Everything is dead and soggy. It comes to life spectacularly in summer, but for now it’s a shell.

London suffers the same drizzle and grey skies, and has greyer buildings, but the lack of vegetation and abundance of colourful lights makes it an altogether different world. But I still miss the Mexican sunshine. Still, it is now March. Some spring flowers are out. But it’s a bit of a wait till summer really begins in May. Till then I have my final shots of Coyoacan to remind me of what the sun looks like. Click here to see them on Flickr.


5 thoughts on “A Long Time Ago

  1. Considering the fact that I am not enamored of the sun, I am shocked when I say I would miss it if I were to retire in England. But that does not appear to be my of my likely scenarios these days.


    1. Well hopefully you’ll at least visit. And we can have that coffee we missed out on a couple of weeks back. Under grey English skies rather than the blue /brown (depending of the pollution levels) of Mexico City.


  2. Gary, liked all the shots in the Flicker posting, esp the 2nd! For some reason it hit me that the Virgin was carrying a Marks & Sparks shopping bag! All the best! & How’s the missus taking to the change?
    Dan in NC


    1. I hadn’t noticed, but now you mention it, she does look like she’s been shopping in an olde English store!

      The missus hasn’t made any changes just yet. She follows soon, hopefully!


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