A Long Time Ago

Did you think you’d seen the last of my Mexico photos? Nearly, but not quite. I spent my final Wednesday, before flying off in the evening, walking around Coyoacan. Chatting, eating, sipping coffee and snapping a few shots. Truth be told, I’d snapped Coyoacan to death already. I looked through my memory card today and chose the final selection for upload to Flickr. There’s nothing in there that I haven’t shot before. But they are the final shots. And that makes them publishable.

I did like the photo below though. The colour of the buildings. The lush green leaves on the trees, yellowed where the bright Mexican sun hits them. It’s a warm, bohemian photo. Very much the opposite of where I am now, in the countryside of southern England. In winter the countryside is a grey and bleak place. Everything is dead and soggy. It comes to life spectacularly in summer, but for now it’s a shell.

London suffers the same drizzle and grey skies, and has greyer buildings, but the lack of vegetation and abundance of colourful lights makes it an altogether different world. But I still miss the Mexican sunshine. Still, it is now March. Some spring flowers are out. But it’s a bit of a wait till summer really begins in May. Till then I have my final shots of Coyoacan to remind me of what the sun looks like. Click here to see them on Flickr.



5 thoughts on “A Long Time Ago

  1. Considering the fact that I am not enamored of the sun, I am shocked when I say I would miss it if I were to retire in England. But that does not appear to be my of my likely scenarios these days.


    • Well hopefully you’ll at least visit. And we can have that coffee we missed out on a couple of weeks back. Under grey English skies rather than the blue /brown (depending of the pollution levels) of Mexico City.


  2. Dan in NC says:

    Gary, liked all the shots in the Flicker posting, esp the 2nd! For some reason it hit me that the Virgin was carrying a Marks & Sparks shopping bag! All the best! & How’s the missus taking to the change?
    Dan in NC


    • I hadn’t noticed, but now you mention it, she does look like she’s been shopping in an olde English store!

      The missus hasn’t made any changes just yet. She follows soon, hopefully!


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