The Traditions of Sonora

Home, yet homesick. What to do for that Mexican fix of colour and culture? The second installment of Televisa’s Tradiciones will have to suffice. Sonora has more going for it than just the narco based news.


5 thoughts on “The Traditions of Sonora

  1. Yes, Sonora has many beautiful things/areas; unfortunately for most tourists/visitors to the country they never see it. The majority of tourists rush headlong to the areas with “ruins” or to the ever popular tourist zones full of “all inclusives”.
    Those of us who live here recognize the beauty of the desert, sea and mountains that we are fortunate enough to see and enjoy daily.
    A big part of the draw for living here is the smallish amount of tourists who visit.
    It is common place for posters on a popular travel forum to tell people to “hurry as fast as possible past/through Sonora or northern Mexico as it is a boring, featureless place”. They have no idea of the culture, history and beauty of the area. Oh well, their loss our gain.
    So far in our city, (Guaymas), there has been little narco violence. Nogales and close to the border, yes, it is there and it is scary. Here it is fairly tranquil.
    There are people living here with ancestors from far flung countries as we are a port city. It is culturally diverse. A small city next to us was one of the first places in the world to be bombed from the air, (Empalme). Lots of history here which most tourists have no interest in.
    Ok, my plug for Sonora is done for now ja ja ja.


  2. Ricardo Montoya Ochoa says:

    Pretty cool! Thanks for sharing this. Brenda is right in the tourists are led to the place that are no longer worth seeing due to the Mexican government invest pesos into what they think tourist ought to see. In the process they ruin the traditional place and keep tourist away from the more important and interesting cultural events and places.


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