A Month Without A Mexico

It’s been a whole month since I left Mexico. To the day. It seems like a lifetime ago. Time flies when you’re having fun, but drags when you’re short of work and cash. I changed the name of this blog from The Mexile to a new moniker, but perhaps I shouldn’t have. Maybe I’ll change it back. The name seems more appropriate now that it ever did before.

Is keeping a blog a labour of love or narcissism? I always claimed that for me it was an online journal, written for me. I like the comments that come with it, it’s true. And it’s brought friendships with it. But the prime driving factor behind writing it was for me, and that is now paying off.

Memories are great, for as long as you have them, and for as long as they remain fresh. But as time trickles by, one needs a stimulant to help in the recalling of the fine details. Enter the blog. Viva el blog! I spent a while today looking back through posts I’ve written, and photographs I’ve taken. The memories come flooding right back.

I know exactly what I was up to last March. I spent a Friday morning at the Basilica de Guadalupe with my new Panasonic FZ35. I spent time pondering how Mexican or English I felt – perhaps I should use that as a ‘before’ post and write an ‘after’ post to accompany it. And I toured the rather bizarre Antique Toy museum.

In March 2009 I drank coffee with Splinter from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and spent a lovely weekend in Huichapan. Whilst all the way back in March of 2008 I was worried about water and also more than a little concerned about a turtle we had rescued – Floracita. And visiting musuems too, of course.

I could go further back, back that’s enough for now. The archives are always open. As is my Flickr account. The photos add life to the words and some. Videos too. I am most certainly not a professional videographer, but the short films I’ve made bring back the memories more vividly than the blog and snaps.

I have a fair few videos on my Vimeo and Youtube accounts. The one below caught my eye. It’s a poorly shot video. The subject matter is also pretty dull. I was testing my new camera. But it is my neighbourhood, a place I loved. Well, was my hood. The church and its courtyard. The football pitch around the corner, being ripped up by a bulldozer. The local mercado I visited several times a week for my fruit and veg.

Bloggers often seem to struggle to define the purpose of their blogs, and to develop a concept that works for them. Blogs are personal, but when they get too personal, they get boring for anyone else reading about them. Stick to writing solely about the town or city you live in and they lose that personal touch and become a little ‘travel-guide-ish’.

I tried to write about me and my interactions with Mexico, my exploration of Mexico and the fun and frustrations that came with living there. I’d like to think I, mostly at least, succeeded in finding the right blend of personal and guide. But most importantly, I have left a lengthy document in the virtual world, of my life and adventures. Something for me to look back on. And maybe for my kids and grandchildren too. And that made it all worthwhile.

[vimeo w=640&h=365]


6 thoughts on “A Month Without A Mexico

  1. Thank you for this post. I have struggled with my blog “persona” and it’s purpose. This tip helps a lot.
    I miss your Mexico posts, maybe because I miss Mexico too. I always felt like I had made a little visit while I was reading your blog.
    Hope all goes well over there over the pond.


  2. I definitely struggled with my blog at the beginning of this year but found my mojo again. I’m quite happy with where it is now though.

    I’m sorry that you feel so homesick. As an outsider, having read your blog for so long, I often wondered why you were coming back here. But then, I am not sure I could ever be happy away from England. SA certainly never felt like home.


    • Well, there were lots of good reasons to come back to the UK. But there were, it has to be said, lots of reasons to stay in Mexico – and they were mostly the fun reasons. Such is life.

      Glad you got your mojo back!


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