A Lap Dog

Looking for a good kennels or cattery in Hampshire or Dorset? I know of one, not least because I just created their website. They’ve been around for years, but never got around to getting a website done. Which was good news for me, because any little bit of work I can find is most welcome at the moment. Even if it’s the sort of work that sort of falls into your lap…

It’s been a while since I last designed a website. In fact, it was long enough ago that the last one was actually designed. The CMS world has come on a long way since then. I am reasonably familiar with WordPress, or at least I should be seeing as I’ve been blogging on their platform for the last couple of years, so I used that as a base.

It’s surprisingly easy. A small learning curve, but nothing that gave me a brain strain. Perhaps I should stop looking for work and start finding it. Perhaps…


6 thoughts on “A Lap Dog

  1. Well done Gary. You’re very artistic – something needed in web design. I taught myself Dreamweaver and Flash but never pushed the business side of web design. Now I pad’s don’t display Flash and it seems the learning curve is endless. On the other hand you know a lot already and it could help. Keep plugging. The site looks great.


    • Because I’m going to knock up my own website to sell websites, and I’ll link to that when I have it done. Just need to think of a good name. I’m leaning towards ‘Mucho Gusto’.

      I reckon there is a market out there for small businesses who want simply, cheap but professional looking sites. Let’s find out…


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