A Lap Dog

Looking for a good kennels or cattery in Hampshire or Dorset? I know of one, not least because I just created their website. They’ve been around for years, but never got around to getting a website done. Which was good news for me, because any little bit of work I can find is most welcome at the moment. Even if it’s the sort of work that sort of falls into your lap…

It’s been a while since I last designed a website. In fact, it was long enough ago that the last one was actually designed. The CMS world has come on a long way since then. I am reasonably familiar with WordPress, or at least I should be seeing as I’ve been blogging on their platform for the last couple of years, so I used that as a base.

It’s surprisingly easy. A small learning curve, but nothing that gave me a brain strain. Perhaps I should stop looking for work and start finding it. Perhaps…

6 thoughts on “A Lap Dog

  1. Well done Gary. You’re very artistic – something needed in web design. I taught myself Dreamweaver and Flash but never pushed the business side of web design. Now I pad’s don’t display Flash and it seems the learning curve is endless. On the other hand you know a lot already and it could help. Keep plugging. The site looks great.


    1. Because I’m going to knock up my own website to sell websites, and I’ll link to that when I have it done. Just need to think of a good name. I’m leaning towards ‘Mucho Gusto’.

      I reckon there is a market out there for small businesses who want simply, cheap but professional looking sites. Let’s find out…


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