Gis A Job

I was beginning to feel I’d been put out to pasture, like the fellows (and fellowesses) in the photo below, taken a stone’s throw from the new Chez Denness in Hampshire. The job market is tough. I think I’ve mentioned it before, with a slightly bitter tone. It’s like being back in Thatcher’s Britain, where gritty dramas like Boys from the Blackstuff painted a dismal, dreary picture of England and gave the British English language a new phrase ‘Gis a job‘. Which still endures, and is, I’m sure, increasing in usage. Still Yosser Hughes did at least portray Scousers in a better light than Harry Enfield. His ‘job seeking’ trio did touch on very relevant social and economic matters, albeit in a more comedic fashion.

But jobs can be like buses. None for ages, then three at once. I had two offers today, with a third (very promising) interview lined up for Thursday. But no need for a day out on Thursday now. I accepted the second of the two offers. Insurance telesales doesn’t sound terribly glamorous, I know. It probably isn’t. But I’ve checked out the company online and spent time in their offices, and liked what I saw. The basic rate is pretty reasonable. The potential commission looks very good. The best of the bunch, in fact. There’s five weeks of training thrown in as well, which convinced me that the company are thinking as long term as I. The shifts and benefits are great. Progression is possible. It’s an office based environment too, which is preferable to retail.

I’m sure I’m capable of more. I have applied for plenty of jobs where companies are currently employing people less capable than myself. But as I thought, and as has been confirmed, my Mexican adventure is a negatively viewed black hole on my CV. Such is life. At least todays duo saw it differently. The one I selected won’t, I sincerely hope, be disappointed with their choice. I’m looking forward to starting in thirteen days time, and have my fingers crossed that nothing goes wrong. There’s no reason for anything to go wrong, but when you need a job so desperately, and when you’ve got a job you want….well, you cross your fingers anyway.

Hopefully this is the end of my job search. It is, incidentally, Day 40 of my hunt for employment. I’ve lost count of the number of jobs I’ve applied for. I keep saying ‘hundreds’. Perhaps one hundred is a pretty accurate figure. Half of those were perhaps unrealistic. I got one two telephone interviews from that, two face to face interviews and one assessment. Looking up the average figures for a job seeker on the internet, it appears  ‘They spend 4.5months presently on a job search, applying for over 50 jobs, to get 8 telephone interviews, 3 physical job interviews and 1 resultant job offer. The best job seekers applied for less than 10 jobs, got at least 5 jobs interviews, and 3 job offers; they only spent 4 weeks job searching, and got paid on average 15% more. (Source).

So perhaps I didn’t do too badly. Above average, if not the best. I’d like to think I am least ‘above average’. I’ll carry on trying to be the best.


18 thoughts on “Gis A Job

  1. Dan in NC says:

    Well Done Gary!
    Now if the photo is from the Meon Valley (A32 area? as it does look familiar), pop into the John of Gaunt or the Hurdles to have a celebratory pint! Here’s wishing you all the best, and hoping da missus finds you in fine fettle!
    Dan in NC


  2. Good job getting a job hombre. With all the ‘advances’ in the human resource process – WHY – are so many very qualified people overlooked. A mystery. I am sure your new outfit is lucky to have you – tell them I said so 😉


  3. Kim G says:

    Hola Gary!

    I haven’t visited your blog in a while, since you had stopped posting there for a spell. But I’m glad you’re back, though I guess we’ll see how long that lasts once you have to devote your best efforts to selling insurance. LOL…. But seriously, kudos on landing a job fairly quickly. The UK employment market has to be tough, what with the economy and austerity kicking in.

    Best of luck,

    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where we have an unfulfilled desire to be unemployed.


    • A full time job will probably reduce my blogging output considerably. The ease of my job teaching English in a previous life may soon become apparent…

      A tech savvy chap such as yourself, especially one who is such a connoisseur of fine blogs from around the world, should have learned how to utilise a Feed reader by now!

      But there is the ‘Subscribe by email’ option down there at the bottom of the sidebar. Your absence was both noticed and missed amigo!


  4. Kim G says:

    Thanks for the compliment! I have the odd RSS feed set up on my browser, but alas, have not yet done so for any blogs. Perhaps I should, but I kind of just like visiting them.

    When does the lovely Señora join you?


    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where, in some respects we are rather tech savvy. In other? Clueless.


    • Mrs P will be following shortly, but it’s hard to pin down a date just yet. Hopefully by the end of May, if all goes well. By mid July if things don’t. There’s her degree to be finished, and then the visa application to be filed. I’m still waiting for my final teaching payments from Mexico to go through before that happens. Soon, preferably!

      The good news is that the British Embassy and Home Office get applications seen to quickly. A couple of weeks for 57% of applicants. A month sees 92% get a decision made.

      I’ve been away from advanced tech for too long. I’m still catching up, and realising how slack Mexico is when it comes to some of these things.


      • Obet says:

        What do you think about a post about those high techs differences abot UK and México.

        And tell us more about the brit perception of your Mexican experience.


        • I guess I’ll have a few posts about tech here and how it compares. But at the moment the similarities are more obvious – in that I can’t afford to buy anything here in just the same way as I couldn’t afford to buy anything in Mexico!

          But I have that job. It’s going to be a while before I get my first pay check – end of May. But there is light at the end of the tunnel! And some of my purchases might not have to wait that long. I’m thinking transport and communications…

          My Brit perception of Mexico? What sort of specific things do you have in mind with regards that question. It’s quite a broad question. Give me something to work with!


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    Good luck with everything!


    p.s. Your blog looks great! Congrats!


    • Thanks for the offer, but to be honest I wouldn’t ever actually pay real money for that sort of service, or use a specified host rather than the one I’d like to use. I’m quite sure I could work out how to do it myself.


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