Mexico Monday

Mexico Monday

I miss Mexico. I miss blogging too. I know I’ve still been posting, albeit a little less frequently. But it’s not the same. I don’t feel I’m anywhere exotic. Or doing anything out of the ordinary. Inspiration is hard to come by. At the same time, blogging has become a habit. I would quit, but it’s not really a bad habit. I just need a new direction.

I have some ideas for ‘a new direction’. But some of them will have to wait. Needless to say, photography is at the top of the ‘idea list’. But there is still Mexico. I’ve left, in body if not, yet, spirit. I have a collection of nearly 8,000 photos and about 1,700 posts. Did you read them all? From the beginning? I did. But I like re-reading, especially some of the older ones.

WordPress has a neat little feature that picks out a Random Post for me. I’ll make use of it. And I’ll call it Mexico Monday. Ironically, the first random post that came up was not from Mexico. But what the hell. It was from Latin America. Close enough. Here goes…


Volcan Poas – 03/05/2004

I went to Costa Rica in April of 2004 – click here for the photos. My two or three months in Mexico the year before had me hooked on Latin culture, cuisine and chicas. I needed more and booked a flight to San Jose to look for it. I forget the name of the girl in the photo. We spent a couple of days together. She wanted to swap emails, but I told her there was no point – I was backpacking for several months, would collect lots of emails, and would never write to any of them. I was being honest. But she was very pretty. And I must have been quite mad.


10 thoughts on “Mexico Monday

  1. Hi Gary!
    You’re right about taking pictures at home. It’s just not the same. I’m rethinking the blog thing and I know I don’t spend anywhere near the time you do blogging. So I still blog but for how long who knows?
    How is the new job going? Does your wife like the UK?


    • I think it is important to enjoy writing something, rather than writing it for the sake of it. You just need to find the direction, concept and frequency which works for you. I’m just going to have to adjust mine.

      I start the new job next Monday, and Paola doesn’t arrive in Mexico for another couple of months, so my answers to both your questions will have to wait a little bit!


    • Indeed. I forget where exactly she came from now. A Latina, I’m sure. Still, things worked out fine in the end. I found another Latina chica…

      Edit: And by that, I am referring to the one I married! Almost got myself in trouble there…


  2. Kim G says:

    So is that plastic thing you’ve got on some kind of British volcano-wear?


    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where we seriously wonder what you were thinking when you turned down her e-mail.


    • I was simply being lazy. The rain stopped, and everyone took their weather protection devices off. I just couldn’t be bothered.

      And yes, I too wondered what I was thinking. I was single and seeking in those days too. Quite, quite mad. I also wonder what he name is and what happened to her. Now, if I’d taken her email, she’d probably be on my Facebook friends list today, and I’d know…


  3. nerm says:

    Muy buen post eh! hace tiempo que te sigo y me gusta muchisimo (incluso se lo he recomendado a mas de uno). 🙂
    Por cierto te en enteraste del museo que abrio carlos slim llamado soumaya? Ahorita no lo puedes visitar pero si algun dia vualves a méxico aunque sea de paseo y pasas por ese museo, sin duda alguna me gustaría mucho conocer tu opinion acerca de el.

    Felicidades por tu buen trabajo!!!!!

    P.D.: Perdona no haber escrito el comentario en ingles


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