One Long Way

Back in December, the 26th to be precise, I set off with some friends to climb the Nevado de Toluca. I’d been before, but the mountain had been so thickly clad in fog that my photos were a little bit…well, foggy. I was armed with my Olympus Digital Pen this time though, and the season was just right. I’d get better shots on this trip.

Having driven about an hour, I got my camera out to take a photo of something. I don’t remember what. I just remember the sinking feeling as I realised that the camera wasn’t packing a memory card. I’d left it at home. Disaster.

We stopped at an Oxxo convenience store for drinks and chocs, and I had a little look to see if they had any SD memory cards. I thought probably not. I dreaded the price if they did. It turned out that a little counter mounted plastic box did have a 4gb microSD card hiding inside. That would work. The price? Sadly, more than I had on me. A hefty 264 pesos.

One of my friends must have seen the disappointment on my face. A loan was arranged. And paid back, I should add. I resented paying so much for something so cheap in the US, but it turned out to be one of my best financial investments of 2010. Plus, I got a load of great photos.

A few weeks ago, I got an email from one of the largest publishing groups in the States. Could they use a couple of my photos for an inflight magazine they were publishing? Sure you can, I said. I often always ask not for money, but for a copy of the magazine or book. I like to see my photos in print. But I’ve been published now. More than once. The novelty has worn off. So I asked the question. How much do you pay?

The cheque came through today, for two photographs taken on that trip to the Nevado de Toluca. The photo below was one of them. This was the other. Combined, they earned me just a few cents short of $200. That’s US dollars, not Mexican pesos. They asked if they could use me as a resource again. After all, I do have a catalogue of thousands upon thousands of photos from all across Mexico. My reply was something along the lines of ‘damn bloody right you can’. Well. Ask a silly question…

Little Peaks


11 thoughts on “One Long Way

  1. tancho says:

    Gotta hand it to Oxxo, what’s 250 pesos when you need it, I would have paid more, and have in the past for just the same thing.
    Great shots, better income opportunity!
    I miss your DF updates. When are you returning?


    • It was definitely a couple of hundred pesos well spent!

      When am I returning? How long is a piece of string? I would imagine sometime in 2012. 😦

      (Secretly, I am hoping that Paola hates the UK when she comes here, and begs to go back! I’ll have the tickets booked before she can even say ‘please…’)


      • Kim G says:

        I’ve long wondered how well Paola would like the UK anyway. It seems like it would be quite a culture shock on any number of levels for a Mexican to live in London, never mind the snide TV shows. I imagine she might find Londoners rather chilly.

        Hope it all works out.


        Kim G
        Boston, MA
        Where we continue to hanker after our own Mexican adventure.


        • She did live in Milwaukee for four years, so she does have a little experience of living in a cold English speaking environment. I think she’ll like it just fine. Change is often exciting, I guess.


    • There’s always the chance of getting a few sales. I guess it’s just a matter of luck….the right person stumbling across my collection and finding the right photo. But there are now billions of photos out there, which just cuts down ones chances a tad. I struck lucky this time though!


  2. Kim G says:

    You do take very nice photos, and I’m thrilled you sold a couple.


    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where we have plenty of lovely photos, uselessly spinning in circles on our hard drive.


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