Wordpress Plus

Seeing as I had sold two of my photos hosted on Flickr, and sold a web site since my return to the UK, and seeing as I’ve only had a 16 hour a week job for the last month, I got all creative and designed me a website of my own. Using WordPress, a fancy theme and some clever plugins. The idea being to sell more websites and to have an outlet to display my photography.

I haven’t really completed it. A lot needs reworking, especially text. I like the name though. Mucho Gusto. But now I have a full time job starting on Monday, there’s really no rush. I’m not going to be actively pushing any sales. But I do like the basic site I created – you can see it in action here. And I did start thinking. Perhaps I should simply convert it and host my own blog, this blog, on that platform.

I’m still thinking about it, but I probably won’t. There are some obvious pros. It look nicer. I can add masses of functionality. There are some cons too. I’d have to fork out some dollars on hosting, and I’m not currently overendowed in that department. But more importantly, I’d break my RSS feed (probably) and lose the traffic.  There are benefits to being within the blog ‘family’.

There’s an easy solution, but one that WordPress don’t seem to want to explore. At the moment they give you two choices., which they host as part of their community, but to which you cannot add any plugins, or Javascript and have limited theme options. Limited in both number available and functionality. They have actually started selling Premium themes, but none that are worth paying a penny for in my opinion. Nice, but no nicer than the free ones really. I dare say they’ll find a few poor souls who know no better though.

Or you can go the route. Sort out your own hosting and download the WP software. You can do what you like because you are no longer on their servers nor part of their community. There should be a third option. Let’s call it WordPress Plus. They could charge $25 a year (or maybe a little more) for a product which looks exactly like, with the .com domain, and no third party hosts to directly deal with. But with all the .org functionality and freedom.

If they really don’t want to risk doing this with their own servers, they could easily strike a deal with one of the big hosts. WordPress Plus in partnership with HostMonster. Or something similar. It seems to me it’d be a winner. I’d buy. But till then I have to decide….stick with or go buy me some webspace and set up my blog there?


2 thoughts on “Wordpress Plus

  1. Wow, that is SO cool! I don’t usually like Flash enabled sites, due mostly to the general lack of taste, but that is super. Keep up the good work. I’ll be looking for more like that.

    Don Cuevas


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