My first week of full time employment is through. My shirts are washed and on the line, my tie is back in the cupboard. Till Monday. I have to say that I had some pretty negative preconceptions about working in telesales. If I’d done a brainstorming session, I’d have come up with things such as mindnumbing, phone factory, tedious, dull, repetitive, demoralising, temporary, desperation, no training, lingering smell of death, low pay, sad, miserable and last resort.

Not that any of those words or phrases have come from experience. Just my preconceptions of what sort of job telesales is. Happily, a lot, if not quite all, of those preconceptions have been dispelled. I’m sure repetitive and tedious will feature from time to time. But the actual experience has been very different in comparison to my expectations.

I’d now use words such as bonus, thorough training, happy atmosphere, bonus, career, good pay, motivating, bonus, great facilities, fantastic benefits, bonus, professional and enjoyable to my imaginary brain storming whiteboard. I know, I added bonus several times. This is a job for the financially motivated. It’s uncapped, generous, genuinely achievable and I want some of it. I don’t want to come across as greedy and materialistic. It’s just that…well…I am a bit greedy and materialistic sometimes. I need a new cell phone, a new computer, camera lenses, a flat screen 42″ TV and have lots of holidays on my shopping list.

The offices are bright and cheery, the canteen/rest area comfortable and fully equipped with internet stations, food and coffee machines and televisions. A lot of the people there have been with the company for years, and those who have experience elsewhere tell me that this place (and the previous company run by the MD) are great places to work. And everyone is earning a sizable monthly bonus. Sometimes doubling, trebling or even quadrupling what is a fairly reasonable basic pay package already.

And then there’s the hours. I have a Monday to Friday job. I’ve never had one of those before. But I’ve always wanted one. Each day is an eight hour shift with 60 minutes of paid breaks. Except for Fridays. Fridays are done and dusted shortly after 2pm. Nice. It’s in an office, which makes a very pleasant change to working in a shop. I’m surrounded by pleasant, intelligent people from all walks of life, which is again very different from retail. There are also company funded, nationally recognised courses with meaningful qualifications available, and the chance to progress within the company.

I’d stop short of declaring that I’ve found my calling. That this is my future for ever and ever. But it’s a whole load better than I ever thought it would be, should put me on a pretty secure financial footing and best of all, I’m enjoying it. I do need to invest in some new, more fashionable ties though…


8 thoughts on “Preconceptions

  1. So glad to hear you found something you are happy with. There is nothing more important than getting up in the morning to go to a job you like. And the $$ part sounds pretty good too!
    Buena suerte.


    • It has to be said, waking up everyone with a sense of dread and a cloud of misery hanging over you because you have to go to a thoroughly detestable job…that’s not nice.

      And yes, the $$$ is important too! I’m sure there will be tedium involved. But the commission you earn racks up on the monitor in front of you in real time. That is great motivation.


  2. Kim G says:

    Excellent! I’m thrilled you’ve landed something with that rare combination of enjoyable, well-paid, and with good colleagues. You’ve hit the trifecta, man! Congrats.

    Meanwhile, I need to figure out how to lose my own job…


    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where our own employer has gotten cheaper, and cheaper, and cheaper over time….Not good.


    • Thank you! Your job might be getting cheaper and cheaper, but you are still in a better position. It’s easier to lose a job, and you have DF just over the horizon, you lucky chap!


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