Formatting For Blogs

I have a general gripe with media hosts. The image below demonstrates exactly what I mean with Flickr, although Flickr photos are the easiest to rectify. The issue is a simple one. I want to embed photos or videos from the likes of Flickr, YouTube and Vimeo into my blog. I want the images or videos to fill the width of the article window.

I can do that with Flickr. It gives me a variety of size options. Including a 640 pixel width, which is just right for my blog. Fine. Except it isn’t. What if I later want to change my blog theme? What if the window size of the new theme is larger or smaller than 640 pixels? Well, then the image will either be cut off or spill out of the window. Or not fill the window. Tsk. Not good enough.

What I do is change the bit of code that says width=”640 to width=”100%“, and delete the piece of code for the height entirely. That’s got that image future proofed. It would be more convenient if the 100% option were there though. At least another method is available though. With YouTube and Vimeo, I’ve not yet found a way to make this work. If anyone has any tips, I’d be grateful.

I’ve changed, ever so slightly, the design of my blog by the by. Just in case you hadn’t noticed. A new header. Less on the menu bar. A set of social media icons. And four widgets at the foot of the blog to share other bits and bobs, including my Google Reader Shared Items and a widget showing which posts and comments people have rated. So if you like rating stuff, there is now reason to do so.


5 thoughts on “Formatting For Blogs

  1. Using WordPress – the photos embedded in a Blog entry are not as clear as just looking at them via the Internet link to (in my case linked to my server). This is distressing – go figure. I usually add a little sharpness to compensate – then they are sparkly on Global Post. I am hoping one day they will fix this.

    Your photos are like records we use to make that were very high quality sound only to lose out to a garage recording that sold a million pieces 😉 They are great regardless of the technical snafus.
    Keep on keeping on amigo!


  2. Rich says:

    Your new setup is quite readable. And if it matters I approve of it. The image resizing issue is something which I was never comfortable with. Looked at various solutions use Windows Live Writer to help make tweak to pictures in my blogs. I have changed the format in my main blog to get more readable text because I also join it to my Facebook posts. Hope your going back home is going well.


    • Your approval most certainly matters señor! If no one approves, well I’ll end up with a rating below that even of George W Bush, and that simply wouldn’t do!

      I used to use Windows Live Writer. It’s a very powerful piece of blogging software. But I decided in the end it was probably too powerful for my needs.


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